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Iraq oil strike postponed

14 May 2007
The Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) has postponed its planned strike on Monday over the handing over of Iraq’s oil to multinationals. It postponed the action after it won negotiations with prime minister Nouri al Maliki in Baghdad set for Tuesday.

The US builds a sectarian wall to divide Baghdad

24 April 2007
The US is planning to turn the Iraqi capital of Baghdad into a series of prison camps, surrounded by miles of 12 foot high concrete walls topped with barbed wire.

A bad week for Bush’s Iraq surge

17 April 2007
No one could miss the symbolism of the suicide bomb that went off inside the Iraqi parliament building in Baghdad on Friday of last week. There is nowhere, even in the heart of the Green Zone, that is safe from the resistance.

Iraqis unite in Najaf demonstration to demand US out

10 April 2007
Up to a million Iraqis took to the streets of Najaf on Monday to demand an end to the US occupation of their country on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

Arabs ethnically cleansed in Iraq

07 April 2007
The US-backed government in Baghdad has approved the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk – which is home to Arabs, Kurds and other ethnic groups.

‘Surge’ kills Iraqi civilians

07 April 2007
The first six weeks of George Bush’s "surge" on Baghdad has greatly increased the number of Iraqi civilian casualties in the Iraqi capital.

George Bush sends even more troops to Iraq

17 March 2007
In the US they are calling it "surge creep". George Bush plans to boost the number of US troops in his "surge on Baghdad" to 30,000 – up from the 21,500 announced earlier this year.

Bush’s regime: lynch law in Iraq

10 March 2007
Liqa Omar Muhammad is waiting to die. The 26 year old Iraqi mother shares her Baghdad prison cell with her child, who was born in captivity.

Democrats fail to block Bush

17 February 2007
Having secured a majority in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives, the Democrats have failed to pass even a symbolic bill criticising George Bush’s plans to send an extra 21,500 troops to Baghdad.

Kurdish soldiers in Iraqi army refuse to fight against Arabs

27 January 2007
Kurdish soldiers in the Iraqi army have deserted after they were told they would be deployed to Baghdad as part of George Bush's troop "surge".

Collapse of George Bush’s Iraq strategy

14 October 2006
George Bush has taken to saying that, in retrospect, the present violence in Iraq "will look like just a comma". I doubt if the families of the 30 US soldiers who were killed in Baghdad last week will ever see it that way.

Who says?

20 May 2006
"As far as the size goes, we are committed to rebuilding Iraq and to restoring the economy and to stabilising the security. The size of the embassy is in keeping with the goals we have set ourselves for Iraq."US State Department spokesman Justin Higgins, defending spending $600 million dollars on the new US embassy in Baghdad, the largest embassy ever built in the world

Bush: telling tales from Tal Afar

01 April 2006
The rescue of Norman Kember and his fellow hostages in Baghdad is a tiny glimmer of light in an Iraqi picture that remains uniformly grim. John Reid’s gung-ho remarks on his recent visit to Iraq simply provided further evidence of the defence secretary’s very troubled relationship to reality.

United Iraqi protests against US divide and rule policy

04 March 2006
The recent killings in Iraq are not due to entrenched divisions between Sunni and Shia. Dahr Jamail and Simon Assaf explain what’s fuelling hatred – and the battle for unity

Iraq will join global anti-war protest

25 February 2006
The people of Basra and Baghdad will be joining next month’s global protest against the US and British occupation of Iraq.

Students and journalists join anti-US strike in Iraq

18 February 2006
Students in Baghdad have called a strike in protest at the murder of Dr Ali Abdul Razaq al-Naas, a journalism lecturer from Mustansiriya university and popular TV commentator.

US forces are digging in for a long stay in Iraq

07 January 2006
While George Bush was announcing an end to US efforts to "rebuild" Iraq’s oil industry and basic services this week, contracts were being awarded to build a $1 billion US embassy complex in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone.

Baghdad protest unites Sunnis and Shias

10 December 2005
Thousands of Sunnis and Shias held a joint demonstration in Baghdad on Friday of last week. The protest was called to denounce military raids, widespread arrests and torture of Sunni Muslims at the hands of the ministry of interior police.

Who is controlling the death squads in Iraq?

10 December 2005
It has become impossible for anyone with half an eye on Iraq over the last six months not to recognise the widespread presence of death squads, especially in Baghdad and the ring of towns surrounding it.

From Baghdad to Bethnal Green: the movement on camera

22 October 2005
"The top image is from Baghdad. The blind woman in this picture was working in a factory — she had been blind for several years, most probably as a result of the Iran-Iraq war when gasses were released on both sides.

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