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Iraq: US forces intensify attacks

29 November 2003
THE WAR in Iraq has reached new heights over the last week, six months after George Bush claimed it was over. US planes and helicopters pounded several cities including parts of the capital, Baghdad, with 500 pound bombs. All civilian flights into Baghdad airport were suspended after a surface to air missile hit a German Airbus cargo plane on Saturday.

Panic over Iraq hits the White House

22 November 2003
US FORCES have been occupying Baghdad for just eight months. But already the US faces a situation as serious as that which confronted it after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in 1968.

'I will not be silenced'

01 November 2003
"IT TOOK them all of 36 seconds to tell me I was expelled. That's one second for every year I've been a member of the Labour Party. It was a bitter blow, to be expelled by this anti-Labour clique. The Labour leaders say they want freedom of speech in Baghdad, but they don't want freedom of speech in Westminster. They want a puppet parliament just like the one Saddam Hussein used to have.

'Victory' boasts have faded away

18 October 2003
SIX MONTHS after the fall of Baghdad, the conquerors of Iraq are in trouble on both sides of the Atlantic. Tony Blair's difficulties are well known, but now it is the turn of George W Bush and his advisers to come under the spotlight.

British trade union delegation to Iraq

18 October 2003
'From the hotel rooftop we can see the whole of Baghdad. As night falls sporadic gunfire starts. The city rests under an uneasy curfew.'

Why we say get the troops out

20 September 2003
THERE IS an escalating war in Iraq. The lying politicians who launched the invasion six months ago won't admit it. But it's the only honest conclusion from the terrible death toll. The director of the Baghdad central mortuary told the New York Times how the number of killings has rocketed under the last five months of occupation. There were 462 in May, 626 in June, 751 in July and 872 in August. Most of them, about 70 percent, were shot dead. That is in just one city.

Warmongers' dreams start to fall apart

30 August 2003
WHEN US forces captured Baghdad many people drew the conclusion that they were all-powerful. That was certainly the view of those around George Bush, who thought their military victory in Iraq would allow them to tell any other power what to do. It was also a conclusion accepted by some on the left. Every day that passes shows how wrong that view is, and points to US weakness, not strength.

The power of profit switches lights off in the US

23 August 2003
MILLIONS OF people across the US last week glimpsed a small part of what their government and military have inflicted on people in Baghdad. From New York to Detroit and Cleveland, and across the border to Toronto and Ottawa in Canada, the lights went out and the power died.

US still loves the smell of napalm

16 August 2003
US MARINE Corps fighter pilots and commanders who have returned from Iraq have confirmed the use of firebombs similar to napalm during the fighting. They were dropped near bridges over the Saddam canal and the River Tigris on the approaches to Baghdad.

Killings spark fury

26 July 2003
THE KILLING of Saddam Hussein's sons should have meant the beginning of the end of opposition to the occupation of Iraq, according to Tony Blair and George Bush. But within hours of the killings last week US troops opened fire on Iraqi civilians, killing five people near a checkpoint in a poor suburb of Baghdad. Local residents told journalists that they shed no tears for Saddam's sons, but the deaths of the civilians made them prepared to resist the occupying forces.

Occupation watch

24 May 2003
United against US OVER 10,000 Shia and Sunni Muslims marched through Baghdad on Monday to oppose the US occupation. US snipers overlooked the demonstration from rooftops as protesters chanted against the new US governor in Iraq, Paul Bremer, and his plans for a delayed Iraqi government in the future.

Successes provide hope for alternative

10 May 2003
LAST WEEK'S elections revealed not a "Baghdad bounce" but a sharp backlash against Tony Blair, especially in Labour heartlands. The sense of utter betrayal by this Labour government, which grew this week over the issue of foundation hospitals, brought breakthroughs for socialists.

Iraqis rage at US arrogance

03 May 2003
US OCCUPIERS are fuelling resentment and protest as they arrogantly stamp their authority across Iraq. This week Jay Garner, the former general the US has installed as overlord, arrested Mohammed Mohsen al Zubaidi, who had declared himself mayor of Baghdad. Garner said Zubaidi was arrested for his "inability to support the coalition military authority".

We reject this foreign occupation

26 April 2003
THE US is succeeding in uniting Iraqis in hatred of the invasion. On Friday of last week around 20,000 people left Baghdad's Abi Hanefah Nouman mosque. They marched through the streets waving Korans and carrying banners in Arabic and English reading, "Leave our country. We want peace".

US occupation has not brought freedom to Iraq

19 April 2003
HOW QUICKLY the image of a "liberated" Iraq fell apart last week. Within two days of the US entering Baghdad there was chaos, looting and continued fighting. The media has talked about "rampaging mobs" as if Iraqis are a naturally "uncivilised" people who don't know how to live in peace. But the chaos is a direct result of the war the US has waged on Iraq.

'Victory' that will breed discontent

19 April 2003
MILLIONS OF people across the world marched last weekend against the US occupation of Iraq. The chaos in Baghdad and US companies crawling over the bodies of the dead to get their hands on lucrative reconstruction contracts confirmed what this war was really about.

Slaughter of the civilians

12 April 2003
THE DEAD and dying overwhelmed hospitals in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities as US forces bombed and blasted their way into civilian areas. The pictures don't make it to the BBC and Western news channels. The descriptions are buried in acres of triumphalist media coverage of US advances. But the cluster bombs, artillery barrages and tank attacks have shredded the lives of thousands of Iraqi people.

US Empire brings death and chaos

12 April 2003
The US has unleashed on Iraq the greatest military machine the world has ever seen. It recalls the colonial wars of 100 years ago. Bush, Blair and their media cheerleaders began to hail victory as US tanks entered Baghdad on Monday. Occupation, not liberation, is the reality facing Iraq. The Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein has inflicted horror on the Iraqi people. For much of the time it was backed to the hilt by those now waging war against Iraq.

History of a place called Baghdad

05 April 2003
THE LAND that is today Iraq is home to some of the greatest achievements of human civilisation. The south of modern Iraq is littered with magnificent ruins of the first real cities in human history - places like Uruk, Lagash, Nippur, Kish and Ur (from which the biblical Abraham supposedly came).

Don't let Prescott get away with this attack

29 March 2003
DEPUTY PRIME minister John Prescott has thrown down the gauntlet to every trade union by moving to impose a terrible pay offer on 55,000 firefighters and control staff. He announced the introduction of legislation to allow him to do that on Thursday of last week, just hours after bombs started raining on Baghdad. The following day he published the bill in parliament.

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