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Disaster when they last took Baghdad

29 March 2003
'WE ARE coming as liberators not as conquerors," proclaim Bush, Blair and their generals. It is an appeal Iraqis have heard before. In 1914 British forces first landed in what is now Iraq. They too talked of liberation. They too ruthlessly pursued their own imperial interests.


30 November 2002
IMAGINE IF an unarmed United Nations official was shot by Iraqi troops while he was inside a UN compound in Baghdad. Imagine if the Iraqi army then delayed an ambulance taking the official to hospital and the man died as a result.

Bush's war plan to level Baghdad

16 November 2002
THE US is preparing for slaughter in Iraq. The administration may be hoping that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein could be ousted by a military coup. But Bush is willing to unleash a bloody battle that will raze Iraq to the ground.

Don't let him be a victim

28 September 2002
AN IRAQI child is lying in a Baghdad hospital bed being treated for leukemia. Ali Hussein is eight years old and can't get the treatment he needs because of US-imposed sanctions on Iraq. Bush and Blair's war will bring more horror to this devastated country.

US hawks are still after blood

21 September 2002
GEORGE BUSH is still driving towards war, despite Iraq saying it would bow to demands to allow weapons inspectors into the country. His undersecretary of state for arms control says the US wants "a regime change in Baghdad, and that policy will not be altered whether inspectors go in or not".

Made in Britain and US

24 August 2002
How Britain created Iraq Britain set up Iraq in 1922. The area had been three separate provinces-Basra, Baghdad and Mosul-which were part of the Ottoman Empire run from Turkey. Britain's rulers wanted the territory after oil reserves were discovered there in the late 19th century. The Anglo-Persian oil company had drilling rights across 500,000 square miles in the region.

Iraq: the US won't take yes for an answer

11 May 2002
THE US is preparing to attack Iraq no matter how many United Nations weapons inspectors Saddam Hussein allows in. US Secretary of State Colin Powell said last week, "US policy is that, regardless of what the inspectors do, the people of Iraq and the people of the region would be better off with a different regime in Baghdad.

They said bombs would save Kurds

03 March 2001
Tony Blair met George Bush last week. Their so called "special relationship" is sealed in blood. The day before they met US and British planes were again bombing Iraq. They bombed the northern "no-fly zone" just under a week after bombing Baghdad. Blair and Bush say the bombing raids are carefully targeted.

Stop bombing Iraq!

24 February 2001
Protesters disrupted a lecture by George Robertson, the general secretary of NATO, at Dundee University last Saturday. They were protesting against his warmongering in the Balkans two years ago and the bombing of Baghdad the night before. They succeeded in stopping his talk, and the protest was covered in the Scottish Post.

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