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Ten reasons to oppose Zionism

29 July 2006
Zionism claims that Jews have the right to return to the land where their religion, Judaism, took root, in order to create an exclusive Jewish state.The land of Palestine is a vital centre for all of the three great monotheistic religions with roots in the Middle East - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. None of them can have an exclusive claim of ownership of the land.Zionism claims that the Jews were exiled when the Roman Empire overthrew the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in AD70. In fact most Jews were already living outside the land of Palestine at the time of the Roman Empire.

Crusade and jihad

28 May 2005
On 15 July 1099 Jerusalem was stormed by soldiers of the First Crusade. For the attackers, who had set out from western Europe three years before, this was the culmination of their efforts — the "liberation" of the Holy City from Muslim "infidels".

Vanunu defies new attacks

20 November 2004
THIRTY HEAVILY armed Israeli police last week invaded the Anglican cathedral compound in Jerusalem where Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear whistleblower, was granted sanctuary in April of this year. He was dragged before an Israeli magistrate and faced a day of interrogation.

Edward Said 1935-2003

04 October 2003
Those fighting for justice around the world lost one of their most eloquent voices when the Palestinian writer and critic Edward W Said died last week. Said was in many ways an improbable radical. He was born in Jerusalem in 1935. His family were conservative Anglican Arabs who called him after the then Prince of Wales.

Ramallah resistance

11 January 2003
SOME 400 delegates gathered in Ramallah on 27 December for the World Social Forum on Palestine. Encircled by Israeli roadblocks and checkpoints, Ramallah feels distant from Bethlehem and Jerusalem, let alone the world beyond the West Bank.

Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians' battle for justice

13 April 2002
Yasser Arafat's story mirrors that of the Palestinian people. He was born in 1929 into a middle class Palestinian family and spent his early years in Jerusalem which, like the rest of Palestine, was then under British rule. Jews and Arabs had long lived in Palestine, but tensions were increasing as the Zionist movement, which wanted to create a Jewish state in Palestine, grew in strength.

Israel is the terror state

13 April 2002
"The Israeli soldiers just kept firing at us, even though people had been hit, even though people were backing away." So says entertainer Jeremy Hardy about a peace march through Jerusalem on Monday of last week.

Executed by Israel

16 March 2002
The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has unleashed slaughter on the Palestinian people. Look at the pictures on this page. They show Israeli soldiers executing 23 year old Palestinian Mahmoud Salah on a Jerusalem Street on Friday of last week.

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