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Anger at lack of change sets back ANC in South African elections

Anger at lack of change sets back ANC in South African elections Also: Olympic protest in Rio, hunger strike in Israeli jails and BDS clampdown

As the Rio Olympics loom - the brutal reality of Brazil's eviction games

As the Rio Olympics loom - the brutal reality of Brazils eviction games A city planned for the rich and ‘slavery’ for workers while the poor are cleansed for being in the way. Andy Brown and Simon Shaw expose the Rio Olympic Games

Olympic construction workers beaten in Russia

Olympic construction workers beaten in Russia The people who worked to prepare for the Winter Olympics in Sochi were subjected to beatings, intimidation and little pay.

LGBT activists in Russia vow to defy Putin’s homophobic lies and laws

LGBT activists in Russia vow to defy Putin’s homophobic lies and laws The Russian government has provoked and legitimised a wave of homophobia in the run-up to the Winter Olympics.

An olympic struggle between oligarchs of West and East

An olympic struggle between oligarchs of West and East The Winter Olympics in Sochi start this week amid a welter of controversies. Radical lawyer Bill Bowring summed them up—corruption and cronyism surrounding the construction of Olympic facilities, the war between Moscow and Central Asian jihadis, Russia’s anti-LGBT law, and so on.

Let's hit Cameron's crumbling coalition

Lets hit Camerons crumbling coalition After the Olympics athletes went for gold, David Cameron and Nick Clegg were hoping some of the shine would rub off on them.

Tory promises on Olympic affordable housing crumble

14 August 2012
The Tories told us that the Olympics would create affordable homes for thousands of ordinary people in London. How’s that working out?

This coalition government is failing at both of its aims

14 August 2012
David Cameron and Nick Clegg are kidding themselves if they think the undeniable success of the London Olympics will allow them to "relaunch" their coalition government.

No Olympic boost as the Games just add to economic misery

07 August 2012
The Olympics was going to be the event that saved Britain from the recession. Like the royal wedding and the jubilee before it, the hype was that it would provide huge economic growth.

Olympics round-up

31 July 2012
Cleaners expose low pay London Underground cleaners in the RMT union struck as the Olympics opened to demand a living wage. They walked out for two days, starting on Friday of last week—the day of the Olympics opening ceremony.

Isles of Wonder? This is a land of class conflict

31 July 2012
Official events are so often simply a parade of nationalism and militarism that it came as a surprise to many when the Olympics opening ceremony did not just follow that pattern.

Progress, but fight over Home Office job cuts goes on

31 July 2012
A planned strike by PCS union members on the eve of the Olympics was called off last week after management concessions.

News round-up

31 July 2012
Gove’s attack on teachers Tory education secretary Michael Gove snuck in a fresh attack on education as the Olympics began last week.

Corporate greed causes empty seats at the London Olympics

31 July 2012
Rows upon rows of empty seats. That was the dominant image of the first few days of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Bus workers accept Olympics deal

24 July 2012
London bus workers have voted by 71 percent to 29 percent to accept the Olympic bonus offer.

Cashing in on Olympic gold

24 July 2012
London has been invaded—by super-yachts. The billionaires’ massive boats have turned up in town as the Olympics gets underway. Up to 100 of the yachts, belonging to the likes of Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich, set sail for the capital.

Reports round-up

17 July 2012
Olympics protesters won’t back down Activists in east London are preparing a Counter Olympics demonstration for Saturday of next week—in defiance of Transport for London attempts to ban it.

G4S Olympics fiasco is just the latest in a string of scandals

17 July 2012
The failure of security firm G4S to find enough staff to cover the Olympics is the latest in its long history of scandals and privatisation.

Olympic fat cats grab gold

17 July 2012
Before the first starting gun has been fired, it’s already clear who the winners of the Olympics will be.

Salute: a powerful political document of the 1968 Olympics

10 July 2012
Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two 1968 Olympic medal winners, famously gave the Black Power salute from the podium. A new film, Salute, places their actions in the context of the events taking place around the world at the time.

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