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Reports round-up

08 December 2015
Fascists march flops in Nottingham; Rise conference in Scotland; victory for the Elbit protesters; and traffic wardens strike over pay

Bradford refuses to let racist EDL exploit child abuse scandal

17 November 2015
Up to 100 people rallied against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bradford, west Yorkshire, last Saturday.

Mobilise to stop the EDL in Bradford

03 November 2015
Anti-racists are preparing to march against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bradford, west Yorkshire, on Saturday 14 November.

Edinburgh says refugees are welcome - but not Nazis

06 October 2015
Anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters outnumbered Scottish Defence League (SDL) protesters by ten to one in Edinburgh last Saturday.

Protest marks a breakthrough for anti-racists in Rotherham

08 September 2015
Some 400 anti-racists gathered in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, last Saturday to oppose the Nazi Britain First group and remember a murdered Muslim man.

Rotherham stands up to Nazis

05 September 2015
Some 400 anti-racists gathered in Rotherham today, Saturday, to oppose the Nazis and remember a murdered man.

Thousand strong protest in Liverpool stops Nazi "White Man March"

18 August 2015
A vibrant 1,000-strong Merseyside Unite Against Fascism (UAF) demonstration marched through Liverpool city centre and stopped the Nazi "White Man March" on Saturday | Up to 100 protested in Walsall against the racist English Defence League (EDL) last Saturday.

No to racist English Defence League in Walthamstow

28 April 2015
The racist English Defence League (EDL) has said it will come to Walthamstow, north east London, next Saturday.

Fascists outnumbered in Clapton and Solihull

21 April 2015
Anti-fascists outnumbered a group of Nazis who turned up to an Antisemitic event organised by White Power fascists in Clapton, east London, last Saturday.

We won't let racism divide us - join the 21 March demonstrations

17 February 2015
Campaigners across Europe are out to block the rising tide of racism. In Britain there are protests on Saturday 21 March in London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Stop Pegida in Newcastle

17 February 2015
Anti-racists are gearing up to oppose a protest by supporters of the Islamophobic group Pegida in Newcastle on 28 February. 

Join protests to stop Nazis in Oxford and Dudley

03 February 2015
protests in Oxford and Dudley this week will be key in the fightback against racism and Islamophobia.

Build demonstrations on 21 March as the right ramps up racism

03 February 2015
The mainstream parties and media are continuing to ramp up racist scapegoating ahead of May’s general election.

Three key events for anti-racists

13 January 2015
As politicians and the press whip up racism in the wake of the Paris killings, here are three key events for anti-racists in Britain:

Luton EDL demo blocked

25 November 2014
Some 200 anti-racists turned out to oppose a march by the English Defence League (EDL) last Saturday.

Racist EDL is a washout in Rotherham

11 November 2014
A group of about 60 English Defence League (EDL) members protested in Rotherham last week. They were trying to capitalise on the abuse cases that came to light this year. 

Anti-fascists commemorate the Holocaust with trip to death camp

11 November 2014
Supporters of Unite Against Fascism travelled to the site of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz in Poland last weekend on the organisation’s second annual educational trip.

Protest confronts EDL in Birmingham city centre

14 October 2014
Some 300 people joined a demo against the racist EDL in Birmingham called by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Reports round-up

19 August 2014
Unite Against Fascism; Food Standards Agency workers; Scottish shipyard closure; People's Assembly national meeting; Campaign Against Climate Change

BNP gives Nazi Nick the sack

22 July 2014
Nick Griffin has been ousted as leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP).

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