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More reasons to stand up to racism on 22 March

11 February 2014
The need to stand up to  racism was shown again last week through the hypocrisy of immigration minister Mark Harper.

Campaign meets to get fascist Andrew Brons out in May election

11 February 2014
Some 40 people attended a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) conference in Leeds last Saturday.

Hundreds turn out in Slough to oppose racist EDL, but face police crackdown

04 February 2014
The racist thugs of the English Defence League (EDL) failed to bring division to Slough on Saturday of last week.

Campaigns get organised for protest against racist myths about migrants

28 January 2014
Campaigners are getting organised to build demonstrations against racism and fascism on Saturday 22 March. 

Memories of Holocaust survivors inspire activists to stop Nazi Nick Griffin

21 January 2014
In less than four months we have a chance to be rid of Britain’s two Nazi MEPs when they defend their European Parliament seats.

Join the campaign to get bankrupt Griffin out of the European Parliament

07 January 2014
Nazi British National Party leader Nick Griffin (right) has been declared bankrupt.

Get ready to stand up to racism across Europe

10 December 2013
A coalition of activists plans to organise a Stand Up to Racism demonstration next spring.

Campaigner's prepare to kick out BNP's Nazi Nick Griffin as MEP

26 November 2013
Around 80 people attended the Nick Griffin Must Go regional confrerence organised by North West Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in Liverpool last Sunday.

EDL are humiliated in Wakefield

26 November 2013
The racist English Defence League (EDL) was humiliated when it marched in Wakefield on Saturday of last week.

EDL is humiliated in Exeter as anti-racists take to the streets

19 November 2013
More than 1,000 anti-racists turned out in force to oppose a planned march by the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Exeter last Saturday.

Harlow gig raises money for victim of racist attack

22 October 2013
Up to 70 people attended a Love Music Hate Racism gig in Harlow, Essex, on Saturday of last week.  

Demonstrators in Liverpool and Bradford say no to the Nazi threat

15 October 2013
Thousands marched in Liverpool against fascism on Saturday of last week.

We opposed the EDL wherever it went

15 October 2013
The English Defence League was formed in June 2009 to target Muslims. Racists in Scotland and Wales set up their own “defence leagues”.

After English Defence League leader quits - is racism in retreat?

15 October 2013
Following the resignation of EDL leader Tommy Robinson, Weyman Bennett looks at how fascist groups build—and how anti-fascist movements can push them back

Anti-racists in Edinburgh celebrate multiculturalism

08 October 2013
Edinburgh Unite Against Fascism held a fundraiser in the city last Saturday called, Love Culture Hate Racism.

Fresh crisis for English Defence League as leader Tommy Robinson quits

08 October 2013
Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, co-founders of the racist English Defence League (EDL), have announced plans to quit the group. 

Racists humiliated in Dundee and Croydon

08 October 2013
Anti-racists in Dundee and London scored victories over the Scottish Defence League (SDL) and British National Party (BNP) last Saturday.

Stop the Nazis in Liverpool and Bradford

01 October 2013
Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is calling on its supporters to mobilise on Saturday 12 October in both Liverpool and Bradford.

Cop raids target Travellers

17 September 2013
Police launched a series of raids targeting Irish Travellers last week. 

They did not pass - anti-fascists keep EDL out of Tower Hamlets

07 September 2013
Anti-racist protesters kept the English Defence League (EDL) out of Tower Hamlets in east London today, Saturday.

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