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Harlow gig raises money for victim of racist attack

22 October 2013
Up to 70 people attended a Love Music Hate Racism gig in Harlow, Essex, on Saturday of last week.  

Demonstrators in Liverpool and Bradford say no to the Nazi threat

15 October 2013
Thousands marched in Liverpool against fascism on Saturday of last week.

We opposed the EDL wherever it went

15 October 2013
The English Defence League was formed in June 2009 to target Muslims. Racists in Scotland and Wales set up their own “defence leagues”.

After English Defence League leader quits - is racism in retreat?

15 October 2013
Following the resignation of EDL leader Tommy Robinson, Weyman Bennett looks at how fascist groups build—and how anti-fascist movements can push them back

Fresh crisis for English Defence League as leader Tommy Robinson quits

08 October 2013
Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, co-founders of the racist English Defence League (EDL), have announced plans to quit the group. 

Racists humiliated in Dundee and Croydon

08 October 2013
Anti-racists in Dundee and London scored victories over the Scottish Defence League (SDL) and British National Party (BNP) last Saturday.

Anti-racists in Edinburgh celebrate multiculturalism

08 October 2013
Edinburgh Unite Against Fascism held a fundraiser in the city last Saturday called, Love Culture Hate Racism.

Stop the Nazis in Liverpool and Bradford

01 October 2013
Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is calling on its supporters to mobilise on Saturday 12 October in both Liverpool and Bradford.

Cop raids target Travellers

17 September 2013
Police launched a series of raids targeting Irish Travellers last week. 

They did not pass - anti-fascists keep EDL out of Tower Hamlets

07 September 2013
Anti-racist protesters kept the English Defence League (EDL) out of Tower Hamlets in east London today, Saturday.

All out to stop the racists in east London

06 September 2013
Thousands of anti-racists are preparing to take to the streets on Saturday to stop the English Defence League’s (EDL) plans to march in Tower Hamlets, east London. 

The racist EDL must not pass in Tower Hamlets

03 September 2013
Activists and trade unionists are determined to stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) from marching through east London on Saturday.

Police guilty of human rights abuse at Bolton UAF demo

03 September 2013
Greater Manchester Police have paid three anti-fascist protesters a five figure sum each in compensation

Anti-fascists protest against the EDL in South Shields

03 September 2013
Around 200 anti-fascists opposed the English Defence League (EDL) and North East Infidels in South Shields last Saturday.

Unity can beat racism

13 August 2013
We face a racist offensive on many fronts—but where it is challenged it has been pushed back.

Anti-fascists rally in London and Glasgow

30 July 2013
Some 200 anti-fascists easily outnumbered Nazi group the English Volunteer Force (EVF) in Croydon, south London, last Saturday.

Newport UAF meeting after racist attack

30 July 2013
More than 40 people attended a very successful Newport Unite Against Fascism meeting on Monday of last week.

Arrest over mosque attacks as 5,000 mourn murder victim

23 July 2013
The West Midlands has seen a wave of attacks on mosques and a brutal racist stabbing, reports?Judith Orr

Join the London march against racist division

23 July 2013
Angry protests have continued following the not guilty verdict passed by an all-white jury in Florida in the Trayvon Martin case. 

Racist rally in Birmingham proves the EDL thugs are still a very real threat

23 July 2013
Over 800 racists from across Britain came to an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Birmingham last Saturday.

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