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Student occupations spread to more London campuses

31 March 2015
Student occupations at the London School of Economics (LSE) and University of Arts London (UAL) have continued into the Easter break.

Election froth can’t hide crisis in politics

24 March 2015
The general election campaign has officially begun—though in reality it has already been going for more than a year.

Osborne's budget is nothing to feel good about

24 March 2015
The Tories gloated when the final budget before the election was announced. But they have failed even by their own standards—and the only winners are the rich.

Cuts fall on poor while rich see resources rise

17 March 2015
The poor have suffered disproportionately higher levels of cuts in the last three years.

Fighting in unity makes our class stronger

17 March 2015
The head of the National Audit Office attacked the scale of the Tories’ cuts as Tory chancellor George Osborne prepared the government’s last budget.

Green Party spring conference calls for an end to Tory austerity

10 March 2015
Some 1,300 people attended the Green Party spring conference in Liverpool last weekend. It was the largest conference the Greens have ever held.

Make the rich pay

03 March 2015
There's no need for austerity - and we have the numbers to prove it

Workers tell Syriza, 'Don't go back'

17 February 2015
A wave of protests swept Greece last Sunday. The biggest was outside the Greek parliament in Athens’ Syntagma Square—and the shift in mood was clear.

Europe’s rulers try to force Greece's left government into a climbdown

17 February 2015
The European Union’s (EU) rulers and the bosses are determined to make sure last month’s Greek election counts for nothing.

SNP slams ‘crude’ cuts—and slashes council jobs

17 February 2015
Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon called on the Labour Party to abandon austerity in a speech in London last week.

Tory bankers—hypocrites and thieves

10 February 2015
How does privileged prime minister David Cameron have the nerve to tell company directors that “put simply—it’s time Britain had a pay rise”?

Bankers pile pressure on Greece as Syriza challenges European Union

10 February 2015
Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras laid out his government’s policy on Sunday of last week, as parliament opened for the first time since the elections.

Antarsya candidate on where next after Greece's election

27 January 2015
Giorgos Pittas, a candidate for the anti?capitalist coalition Antarsya, spoke to Socialist Worker about the key priorities after Sunday’s election.

'Syriza win means hope has arrived in Greece'

27 January 2015
Voters in Greece delivered a resounding rejection of austerity in last Sunday’s general election.

Greece - from hope to real change?

27 January 2015
Dave Sewell reports from Athens on people’s hopes for change after the election of the anti-austerity party Syriza

Things they say - Greece

27 January 2015
‘In normal times, and in a normal country, Syriza would be a joke party on the furthest fringes of the ultra-Left’

Ed Miliband's response to Syriza victory is shameful

27 January 2015
There were no congratulations for Syriza from Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Who are the Independent Greeks?

27 January 2015
Syriza’s new coalition partner, the Independent Greeks or Anel, is a split from the Tory New Democracy. 

As Greece rejects austerity - we can do it here

27 January 2015
The Greek election result is an inspiring boost to everyone fighting the warped priorities of the bosses and the Tories. 

Eyewitness in Athens - workers and anti-capitalists discuss fighting austerity

24 January 2015
The general election in Greece tomorrow, Sunday, will decide who forms the next Greek government. But it won’t settle the question of who runs Greece. Yet some of the struggles that led to the snap election have posed this bigger question sharply.

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