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'Syriza win means hope has arrived in Greece'

27 January 2015
Voters in Greece delivered a resounding rejection of austerity in last Sunday’s general election.

Greece - from hope to real change?

27 January 2015
Dave Sewell reports from Athens on people’s hopes for change after the election of the anti-austerity party Syriza

Things they say - Greece

27 January 2015
‘In normal times, and in a normal country, Syriza would be a joke party on the furthest fringes of the ultra-Left’

Ed Miliband's response to Syriza victory is shameful

27 January 2015
There were no congratulations for Syriza from Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Who are the Independent Greeks?

27 January 2015
Syriza’s new coalition partner, the Independent Greeks or Anel, is a split from the Tory New Democracy. 

As Greece rejects austerity - we can do it here

27 January 2015
The Greek election result is an inspiring boost to everyone fighting the warped priorities of the bosses and the Tories. 

Antarsya candidate on where next after Greece's election

27 January 2015
Giorgos Pittas, a candidate for the anti?capitalist coalition Antarsya, spoke to Socialist Worker about the key priorities after Sunday’s election.

Eyewitness in Athens - workers and anti-capitalists discuss fighting austerity

24 January 2015
The general election in Greece tomorrow, Sunday, will decide who forms the next Greek government. But it won’t settle the question of who runs Greece. Yet some of the struggles that led to the snap election have posed this bigger question sharply.

Eyewitness report from Syriza rally in Athens as rage spreads across Greece

23 January 2015
The crowds surged and the flags swayed in Omomia Square, central Athens, as Alexis Tsipras announced, “Don’t be afraid. It’s time for change”.

Taking on austerity and racism in the general election - meet a TUSC candidate

13 January 2015
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates will be putting forward an alternative to the racism and austerity of the main parties in May’s general election.

What will Labour really do about the Tories’ austerity?

13 January 2015
Labour denies they would reverse cuts or increase spending

Disability campaigners Independent Living Fund protest

06 January 2015
Disabled people Against Cuts (Dpac) and the Save ILF campaign held a protest outside Parliament on Tuesday of this week. It was against the closure of the Independent Living Fund, which was upheld by the Appeal Court last month

From Greece to Britain—we can break austerity

06 January 2015
A great battle is taking place in Greece between the forces of capital and those who want to hurl off the chains of austerity.

Greece resists - another government falls but will Syriza break with austerity?

06 January 2015
A government promising a break with austerity could be elected in Greece’s 25 January general election, in the form of radical left party Syriza. Panos Garganas argues it’s a big step forward—but the struggle will continue whoever wins

As Greek government falls, how can workers win?

30 December 2014
Workers were celebrating outside the Greek parliament in Athens yesterday, Monday, as the coalition government led by Tory Antonis Samaras finally collapsed.

Defying the bankers is the only solution to the crisis in Greece

16 December 2014
The government that’s currently collapsing in Greece is a grand coalition between the Tory New Democracy party and the Labour-type Pasok.

‘We won’t pay’ - pressure is rising in Ireland against hated water tax

16 December 2014
A huge protest movement has erupted in Ireland over the introduction of water charges. Annette Mackin reports from one of Dublin’s largest ever demonstrations

Greece's government faces collapse as general strikes rock Italy and Belgium

16 December 2014
The year that was meant to bring relief to the eurozone’s crisis is instead ending in strikes, stock exchange runs and political collapse on some of its key battlegrounds.

Tories' Hunger Shames: cuts leave millions without food

09 December 2014
The Tories are making more than four million people go hungry—including 500,000 children. 

Campaigners fight back as councils push through cuts

09 December 2014
Councils across Britain continue to implement Tory austerity. 

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