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Tories plan to lock us into years of austerity

09 December 2014
Tory chancellor George Osborne announced in last week’s Autumn Statement that the coming years will require “very substantial savings in spending"

Tories' Hunger Shames: cuts leave millions without food

09 December 2014
The Tories are making more than four million people go hungry—including 500,000 children. 

Campaigners fight back as councils push through cuts

09 December 2014
Councils across Britain continue to implement Tory austerity. 

George 'Slasher' Osborne - wanted for austerity heist

02 December 2014
Tory spin won’t hide the real cost of the Robber Baron's four years of austerity

Is there an alternative to the Labour Party?

02 December 2014
Millions of workers hate Ukip and the Tories, but don’t see Labour standing up to them. Socialist Worker has argued that the left should present a united challenge at the election. We asked activists what they think

Students march on parliament demanding free education

19 November 2014
Thousands of students marched on parliament to demand free education today, Wednesday, on a noisy demonstration against fees and cuts.

Tories, Labour and SNP agree on austerity - Fight the cuts now!

18 November 2014
Up to 500 people protested outside Glasgow City Council on Wednesday of last week to defend the Glasgow Association of Mental Health (GAMH).

Greek students protest at cuts

11 November 2014
Students in Greece have been protesting against attacks on our education.

Cameron is twisting on the hook of Europe as party system is in crisis

28 October 2014
David Cameron may have just avoided becoming the prime minister who lost the Union. But he stands a reasonable chance of presiding over Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU). 

No to austerity, no to racism: Unite to win

14 October 2014
British politics is in turmoil. But who will gain? Step up the strikes to win.

Mass Hope Over Fear rally shows the chance to build new left in Scotland

14 October 2014
Up to 15,000 people rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Sunday at an event called by the Hope Over Fear campaign initiated by Tommy Sheridan.

Greek Tory government appeals to Troika for time-out to stem workers' opposition

30 September 2014
Greece’s right wing prime minister Antonis Samaras has appealed to the German government for “breathing space” from austerity.

Miliband makes promises and commits to cuts in Labour conference speech

23 September 2014
The Labour leader’s speech mixed pro-business pledges with vague rhetoric, writes Simon Basketter

‘Privatisation has shifted tax burden onto poorest’ says writer James Meek

23 September 2014
The Campaign for Real Poverty is what privatisation should be called, argues author James Meek.

Far right threat looms over Europe as its economy stagnates

16 September 2014
Panos Garganas argues that fighting the fascist Golden Dawn in Greece must go hand in hand with fighting against austerity

Ukip's policy proposals show they are a party for the rich

26 August 2014
Ukip announced details of proposed polices last week. They include tax cuts for the wealthy and retaining the benefit cap which makes ordinary people suffer.

New plan for NHS 'doctors on the cheap'

26 August 2014
Thousands of NHS patients will soon be treated by staff with just two years of intensive training rather than by a fully qualified doctor.

Vote yes for strikes to defend the NHS

26 August 2014
As strike ballots begin in the health service activists are already organising to win a big yes vote—and are finding a mood to fight, reports Dave Sewell

A warning from France not to wait for Miliband

26 August 2014
The political turmoil in France sends us a chilling warning about what we could face in Britain under a Labour government led by Ed Miliband.

Socialist Party government resigns in France after splits over austerity

26 August 2014
France’s Labour-type Socialist Party government resigned on Monday of this week.

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