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Workers take on the Nazis and strike against cuts in Greece

18 March 2014
Workers were set to march against racism in the Greek cities of Athens, Thessalonika and Chania this Saturday. The protests have a lot of support, from virtually all the trade unions as well as local councils and the left.

Hundreds debate strategies to beat Tory cuts at People's Assembly recall conference

18 March 2014
Up to 500 people attended the People’s Assembly recall conference in central London last Saturday.

Tory cuts fuel food banks

04 March 2014
Tory benefit cuts and low wages have driven up food poverty across Britain. 

As Tories gloat over recovery - 'We’ve got to take them on' says Ricky Tomlinson

28 January 2014
“If they get away with these cuts they’ll cut again before the next election, and I’ll tell you what—people won’t be able to live,” Ricky Tomlinson told Socialist Worker.

Scotland launch of People’s Assembly calls for more action against austerity

28 January 2014
More than 250 people attended the launch of the People’s Assembly in Scotland last Saturday.

Tory spin of a ‘recovery for all’ is far from reality

28 January 2014
Millions reeling from wage freezes and benefit cuts won’t fall for David Cameron’s figures, writes Judith Orr

Protests as Greece begins EU presidency

14 January 2014
Government hopes of EU help are fading as Greece’s crisis continues, writes Dave Sewell

Tories fear their NHS cuts could cause a winter deaths crisis

19 November 2013
The winter is barely underway but the NHS is already stretched—and the Tories fear they could soon have a disaster on their hands.

Drowning with the wonga debt sharks

12 November 2013
As the legal loan sharks at Wonga try to improve their image with a new movie, Sadie Robinson examines the reality of the payday loan industry

Greek workers disrupt Troika visit but police attack ERT occupation

07 November 2013
Greece’s international creditor organisations came to Athens to inspect the government’s progress in making cuts this week. But their visit was disrupted by a general strike against mass sackings yesterday, Wednesday.

Thousands join anti-austerity protests around Britain

06 November 2013
 Thousands took to streets around the country to protest against austerity yesterday, Tuesday. The People’s Assembly coordinated the Burn Austerity day of action on bonfire night, with hacker group Anonymous also staging protests.

Burning anger against cuts on bonfire day of protests

05 November 2013
Protesters were taking action against austerity around Britain as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Wage cuts and job losses mean children go hungry

05 November 2013
Real terms wage cuts and sackings have left millions struggling to put food on the table according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

‘Quiet desperation’ is stalking Europe, says new survey of austerity

15 October 2013
A comprehensive new survey of austerity in Europe reveals unemployment, hunger, suicides and emigration. Judith Orr says the only alternative is to fight

Energy bosses have money to burn

15 October 2013
While the poor choose between eating and heating the energy companies profits jump

Unite the Resistance conference this weekend

15 October 2013
In a week of strikes and demonstrations, trade unionists and activists are set to get together in London for the Unite the Resistance (UtR) conference this Saturday. The workshops will be a chance to debate the way forward—not just for teachers, post workers and firefighters but for everyone who wants to stop the Tories.

Tories unveil new plans to bully the unemployed

01 October 2013
Plans trailed at the Tories’ annual get together show we have to step up the fight

Good times are over for the liberal government in Poland

01 October 2013
Andy Zebrowski says workers’ opposition to austerity is growing in strength as the economic crisis puts rulers in trouble

Greek strike resists Nazis

24 September 2013
Outrage at the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas is bringing public sector workers out on strike against the fascist Golden Dawn, writes Dave Sewell

Labour - still shying away from fighting the bosses

17 September 2013
Labour’s leaders are worried. Their cunning plan was to sit back and do nothing while the Tories attacked, hoping that the Tories’ resulting unpopularity would get them back into office. 

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