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Tories unveil new plans to bully the unemployed

01 October 2013
Plans trailed at the Tories’ annual get together show we have to step up the fight

Good times are over for the liberal government in Poland

01 October 2013
Andy Zebrowski says workers’ opposition to austerity is growing in strength as the economic crisis puts rulers in trouble

Greek strike resists Nazis

24 September 2013
Outrage at the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas is bringing public sector workers out on strike against the fascist Golden Dawn, writes Dave Sewell

Labour - still shying away from fighting the bosses

17 September 2013
Labour’s leaders are worried. Their cunning plan was to sit back and do nothing while the Tories attacked, hoping that the Tories’ resulting unpopularity would get them back into office. 

Greece under pressure

23 July 2013
Voices from the heart of the revolt against austerity

George Osborne’s petty welfare attacks mean more misery for claimants

02 July 2013
Tory chancellor's latest round of benefit cuts attacks the poorest in society, writes Simon Basketter

The gloves are off as George Osborne reveals new brutal cuts

02 July 2013
The cuts announced in the spending review are a serious escalation of the Tories’ war on workers and the welfare state, writes Simon Basketter

Labour 'me-tooing' helps Tory offensive

02 July 2013
Alex Callinicos says Labour's failure to commit to stopping Tory cuts will only benefit the right

Civil service workers across Britain protest against cuts

27 June 2013
Tens of thousands of civil service workers in the PCS union have been protesting against austerity around the country today, Thursday.

Ten years of austerity—unless we fight back

25 June 2013
Ten more years of austerity, cuts and mass poverty is all the Tories and Labour can promise.  Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce his latest assault this week. 

The People's Assembly: people vs austerity

25 June 2013
Socialist Worker spoke to people about how they want to fight austerity

Athens work-in pushes the government to the brink

18 June 2013
A mass meeting of workers at Greek state broadcaster ERT voted to continue working in occupation on Tuesday of this week.

Greece - resistance is being televised

18 June 2013
Greece’s government was on the verge of collapse as Socialist Worker went to press, writes Panos Garganas

People's Assembly is a chance to fight back

18 June 2013
The government is bringing constant pain to working class people. The number of people in absolute poverty in Britain rose by nearly a million in just one year. Some 300,000 of these were children.

Support floods in for occupying media workers

18 June 2013
The ERT workers have been bombarded with messages of support from media organisations around the world.

European Union extends its austerity deadline to defuse fury

04 June 2013

International round-up

21 May 2013
Protest in Italy, carnage in Iraq, shortages in Venezuela

Workers defy Greek government’s threats to ‘conscript’ striking teachers

14 May 2013
Thousands of high school teachers in Greece could face arrest if they strike during exams from Friday of this week.

Austerity backlash: how Tory policies hit working class women hard

30 April 2013
The Tories are ripping up the lives of working class women, according to a new report by the Fawcett Society, writes Judith Orr

Cyprus bail in shows austerity has failed

28 March 2013
The crisis in Cyprus is dominating headlines worldwide and in Greece. The mainstream media claims that what is at stake is reform of an island economy that relies on “money laundering for the Russian oligarchs”.

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