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Strikers come together in south London ahead of austerity protest

21 June 2014
Ritzy cinema staff gathered outside the cinema in Brixton today, Saturday, for a strike over pay. The strikers, in the Bectu union, are demanding the London Living Wage.

Can new left party Podemos make a change in Spain?

10 June 2014
As the Spanish state strains under the pressures of the crisis, activists told Dave Sewell about the new party Podemos they are building to take the fight to its rulers

Activists meet to organise unity for benefits justice against Tory attacks on welfare

10 June 2014
Campaigners from across Britain met in Manchester last Saturday to organise against Tory attacks on benefits. More than 80 people attended the national meeting of the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation.

Cabinet reshuffle won't help Greek government

10 June 2014
Hospital workers in Greece were set to strike on Wednesday of next week. Days earlier Tory Makis Voridis, a former Nazi, was named minister of health. Just two years ago he was head of the fascist Laos party.

Why local government workers should vote Yes to strike

27 May 2014
From classroom assistants to social workers, and from gardeners to engineers, up to a million local government workers are voting on strikes over the next few weeks after employers awarded them a pay rise of just 1 percent. Socialist Worker explains why Unison and GMB union members should vote Yes

Mass strike could bring out a million in a hot July

13 May 2014
Public sector union leaders hint at coordinated action to take on the Tories, reports Sadie Robinson

Huge anger fuels strikes in Greece

08 April 2014
Workers across Greece were set to strike on Wednesday of this week in the first combined public and private sector general strike since November last year.

Mass protests against austerity in Greece as workers prepare for a general strike

01 April 2014
Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Syntagma Square outside Greece’s parliament on Sunday. 

Budget brought more for the rich and cuts for us

25 March 2014
George Osborne used the budget last week to push through further attacks on ordinary people. Simon Basketter looks at the facts and figures

A great day for anti-fascists in Greece

25 March 2014
Tens of thousands of people protested against racism and fascism in Greece last Saturday

Masses in Madrid call for an end to austerity

25 March 2014
New protests against cuts in Spain are uniting social movements and trade unions, reports Dave Sewell

Tory budget means axe will fall on the poorest

25 March 2014
A cap to the welfare budget means more cuts to make up the targets, reports Simon Basketter

Osborne's budget means more cuts for us but the rich are OK

19 March 2014
Tory chancellor George Osborne declared today, Wednesday, “The message from this budget is this: You've earned it, you've saved it. This government is on your side”. That’s true if you are well off.

Hundreds debate strategies to beat Tory cuts at People's Assembly recall conference

18 March 2014
Up to 500 people attended the People’s Assembly recall conference in central London last Saturday.

Workers take on the Nazis and strike against cuts in Greece

18 March 2014
Workers were set to march against racism in the Greek cities of Athens, Thessalonika and Chania this Saturday. The protests have a lot of support, from virtually all the trade unions as well as local councils and the left.

Tory cuts fuel food banks

04 March 2014
Tory benefit cuts and low wages have driven up food poverty across Britain. 

Scotland launch of People’s Assembly calls for more action against austerity

28 January 2014
More than 250 people attended the launch of the People’s Assembly in Scotland last Saturday.

As Tories gloat over recovery - 'We’ve got to take them on' says Ricky Tomlinson

28 January 2014
“If they get away with these cuts they’ll cut again before the next election, and I’ll tell you what—people won’t be able to live,” Ricky Tomlinson told Socialist Worker.

Tory spin of a ‘recovery for all’ is far from reality

28 January 2014
Millions reeling from wage freezes and benefit cuts won’t fall for David Cameron’s figures, writes Judith Orr

Protests as Greece begins EU presidency

14 January 2014
Government hopes of EU help are fading as Greece’s crisis continues, writes Dave Sewell

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