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Beat back the bigots as hate crime reports rise by a fifth

26 July 2016
Racists are lashing out but there’s no Brexit breakthrough for the right, reports Sadie Robinson

Follow the Money—dredging up the evidence of a criminal society

22 March 2016
BBC Four’s Danish detective drama Follow the Money serves up an engrossing feast of corporate intrigue and financial skulduggery, writes?Charlie Kimber

Young offenders have been pushed to the brink by the system

18 November 2014
Youth worker Dean Ryan looks behind the headlines to show how capitalism pushes young people to crime

Missing in Mexico

11 November 2014
The kidnap of 43 students in Mexico exposes links between politicians, drugs and imperialism, writes Dave Sewell

Who polices the cops?

09 July 2013
There was no lawful reason for a police officer to gun down Azelle Rodney in north London in 2005, an inquiry has concluded.

Are criminals born or made?

11 June 2013
John Parrington looks at new research that claims to show that biology, rather than circumstance, causes crimes

A soft touch for crooked cops

07 May 2013
In the last year 87 Scotland Yard police officers accused of sexual assault, racism and theft were allowed to resign before their case was completed. 

Suicide is up as austerity bites

07 May 2013
The fall in crime figures does not mean there’s an improved sense of wellbeing in Britain. 

Right wing think tank behind the new 'peace index'

07 May 2013
Newspapers have claimed that Britain is at its most peaceful in years.

Desperate times hidden by crime report spin

07 May 2013
 New statistics have been heralded as showing that crime is not linked to poverty. Annette Mackin looks beyond the hype to a bitterly divided society

Link between immigration and crime is 'insignificant'

07 May 2013
The connection between crime and immigration is “close to zero and insignificant” research has found. 

The bloody product of a violent society

16 April 2013
The bombing at the Boston marathon last Monday left at least three people dead and many more injured. 

A system that makes women suffer

05 June 2012
Women account for almost half of the self-harm incidents in prison—even though only 5 percent of prisoners are women.

How governments created overcrowding in jails

05 June 2012
Britain’s prisons are more overcrowded than ever, with around 16,000 more people in prison than a decade ago.

Crime and punishment - why prisons don't work

05 June 2012
More than 1,100 people in UK prisons committed suicide between 1996 and 2009. By 2010 there were around 35 incidents of prisoners self-harming every day—and this rate has continued to rise.

Prison doesn't work - but don't trust Ken Clarke

06 July 2010
The tory justice secretary Kenneth Clarke last week sent right wing politicians into fits of rage with his plans to reduce the prison population.

Labour targets the vulnerable

23 February 2010
Labour will end the prisoner early release scheme in April as the election hots up.

Should victims decide crime policy?

17 November 2009
Jack Straw announced last week that he wants to increase the minimum time in jail for anyone who commits murder with a knife from 15 to 25 years.

What causes child violence?

15 September 2009
The horrific case of two brothers aged ten and 11 who violently assaulted two other boys has re-opened the issue of children and violence. The media coverage has sparked panic, with a sharp rise in calls and referrals to already stretched social workers.

Probation: Labour passes buck over crime

16 June 2009
There are depressing similarities between the case of the two young French students Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, brutally murdered in south London last July, and the case of Baby Peter, who died a slow and painful death in 2007 at the hands of his carers.

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