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Knife crime: Survey reveals young people’s growing fears

29 July 2008
Politicians and the media continue to call for crackdowns on young people as the way to deal with knife crime.

‘My son was killed by a knife but he was failed by the system’

22 July 2008
Leon Francis was just 24 years old when he was fatally stabbed in December last year.

Gordon Brown's tough talk won't stop knives

16 July 2008
It seems that in the last week the entire political establishment has jumped on the issue of knife crime.

Knife crime: ‘crackdowns’ are no solution

08 July 2008
Most people are rightly horrified at the number of young people who are victims of knife crime or violent attack.

New Labour’s draconian plan to humiliate offenders

17 June 2008
A new crime report commissioned by the government shows how far Labour has abandoned any notion that the criminal justice system should attempt to rehabilitate offenders.

Stop viewing the young as a threat, says Asbo report

12 February 2008
A new report argues that the use of Anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos) against young people is counterproductive.

Why police crackdowns will not cut knife crime

22 January 2008
According to the press and politicians Britain is awash with gangs of knife-carrying young people, who respect no law and will slash anyone who gets in their way.

Why the government's crime policy fails young people

04 September 2007
The past few weeks have seen a moral panic being stirred up in the press following a number of horrendous crimes involving knives and guns committed by children.

Is knife crime out of control in Britain?

10 June 2006
Knife crime is big news following a number of high profile stabbings over the past month. Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Ian Blair has called for mandatory sentences for anyone found in possession of a knife.

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