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The Dale Farm Traveller evictions—a decade on

The Dale Farm Traveller evictions—a decade on In October 2011, there were brutal scenes as police evicted Travellers from their homes in Dale Farm in Essex which was Europe’s largest traveller site.

Don’t let Black History Month be tamed

Don’t let Black History Month be tamed Has Black History Month become a pale reflection of what it should be?

Why Cop will fail the planet

Why Cop will fail the planet The Cop conference being held in Glasgow next month comes at a crucial juncture in the fight against climate chaos.

Individuals and collectives—can I make a difference?

Individuals and collectives—can I make a difference? We often hear the idea that history is made by great acts from great individuals. Simon Basketter explores this idea and the strengths and weaknesses of individual activism

Attica riot 1971—‘We aren’t beasts, we won’t be beaten’

Attica riot 1971—‘We aren’t beasts, we won’t be beaten’ Fifty years ago prisoners in a US jail exploded in revolt. Sam Ord looks at the resistance—and the state’s revenge

Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism

Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism Nick Clark looks at the US's and Britain's huge defeats in Afghanistan

State tried to derail Black Lives Matter

24 August 2021
Something of an echo of the establishment panic of the late 1960s is reverberating around the seats of power in Britain and the US.

Afghanistan—first the Russians, then the US

20 August 2021
Afghanistan has suffered through 43 years of war as a result of a series of imperialist interventions. Revulsion at that is the central reason why Kabul and the country’s other major cities were captured by the Taliban in such a short space of time.

Lessons of the US strike in the skies 40 years ago

07 August 2021
It’s forty years since the US air traffic controllers’ strike— and its terrible defeat. Socialist Worker looks back at the dispute and assesses prospects for US unions today

Occupy! The Clyde work-in

27 July 2021
Fifty years ago shipbuilders in Scotland led a battle to save their jobs. Sam Ord looks at how workers fought back against a brutal Tory government

A mistake of Olympic proportions in Tokyo

05 July 2021
The Tokyo Olympic Games is set to start this month. Sam Ord investigates the scale of the Covid health crisis ignored by officials, and the reality of how the event build profits and nationalism for rulers

How the Corn Laws split the ruling class

19 June 2021
It has been 175 years since the repeal of the Corn Laws. Isabel Ringrose explores how the bosses’ arguments over trade can open the door for working class resistance

Peru—a radical history of resistance

14 June 2021
Pedro Castillo’s election win in Peru has cheered the left. Sophie Squire looks at the country’s history of struggle but also sounds some warnings for the future

The Peasants’ Revolt—when people fought corruption

05 June 2021
In 1381 thousands of peasants stormed London and demanded change from the king. Nick Clark explains why the Peasants’ Revolt holds important lessons 640 years on

Middle East’s ‘pillar of democracy’ was a racist endeavour from the start

16 May 2021
Following the annexation of land and Israeli independence, Palestinians were forced into neighbouring nations’ refugee camps.

How sectarian divides helped Britain rule in Northern Ireland

25 April 2021
Throughout its existence, Northern Ireland has been a political slum characterised by repression, sectarianism and poverty.

How workers battled to kill the bill in 1971

11 April 2021
In 1971, workers fought against an authoritarian Tory law, chanting, ‘Kill The Bill’. Isabel Ringrose argues we need the same spirit of militancy to kill the Tory police bill today

Ahoy, matey! Pirate series treasures truth of high seas

23 March 2021
Gabby Thorpe urges Socialist Worker readers to get beyond this docudrama’s corny characters and misshapen plots, and embrace their inner raider

Struggles to tear out the roots of sexism

23 March 2021
United class struggle can undermine sexism and offer hope of liberation. But that doesn't mean sidelining the battle against oppression, writes Isabel Ringrose

The Paris Commune—a workers’ democracy

15 March 2021
The Paris Commune, where workers briefly took power and created the first workers’ government, was born 150 years ago this month.

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