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Hatreds spawned by the West - the myth of the intolerant Middle East

12 August 2014
Violence in the Middle East is often blamed on age old religious hatred. But the region's history is of coexistence—until imperialist superpowers tore it apart, argues Ken Olende

'British values' are a myth that serves the bosses

17 June 2014
What are the ‘British values’ the Tories want to promote? Nothing but lies meant to hide the crimes of Empire and bind workers to bosses’ interests, argues Raymie Kiernan

Tiananmen Square: Another China is possible

15 April 2014
The protests in Tiananmen Square that began 25 years ago this week showed the possibility of real socialism emerging in China, writes Dave Sewell

Marxism and history

11 February 2014
Understanding what forces drive human progress and change in society is crucial for all those who want a different world, writes Camilla Royle

Diverse sexuality isn't alien to Africa - homophobia is

11 February 2014
Contrary to current stereotypes, Africa has a rich history of same sex relations that was buried by colonialism, writes Ken Olende

First World War: ‘I refuse to murder and butcher people that know as little as we do for what end they are fighting’

28 January 2014
Thousands of First World War appeals from men of military age arguing for exemption from conscription were released last week, writes Raymie Kiernan

Where did capitalism come from?

16 July 2013
Talat Ahmed looks at how the system developed the way it did in different parts of the world and argues that there was nothing special about the West other than accident

Special Branch: spying on activists since 1883

02 July 2013
Britain’s secret police have a long history of trying to undermine ‘subversives’, writes Simon Basketter

Is Gove beaten on history?

25 June 2013
Tory education secretary Michael Gove seems to have made a major retreat in his attempts to rewrite the school history curriculum. 

The distinct danger of fascism

25 June 2013
Socialist Worker looks at how fascism developed as a separate political current—and the strategies and tactics that the left has used to challenge and defeat it in the past

Lessons from Germany to stop the fascist poison spreading

25 June 2013
The rise of fascism in Italy and Germany could have been averted—but only if the left understood the nature of its enemy. 

We've a world to win

18 June 2013
Capitalism means misery for billions - but if we organise we have the power to overthrow it, says Sadie Robinson

1972 - when tenants struck

04 June 2013
Mass workers’ resistance and rent strikes in the 1970s showed how to beat attacks on tenants—despite betrayals by Labour and union leaders, writes Dave Sewell

Waiting for peace in Korea

23 April 2013
North Korea is demonised as a pariah state. Sadie Robinson argues that its fear of attack is not so irrational if you know its history

Seminar to defend school history

23 April 2013
Some 60 teachers and students attended the first seminar of the Defend School History campaign last Saturday.

Illuminating working class history

21 March 2013
Red Saunders, a founder member of Rock Against Racism, has recreated important moments in working class history in large scale photographs with costumed models.

Orgreave, 18 June 1984: the cops and the cover-up

30 October 2012
Orgreave, 18 June 1984: the cops and the cover-up

Britain's Industrial Revolution: the birth of a new power

26 June 2012
During this summer of royal and sporting spectacles, we seem to be surrounded by the warmed up leftovers of Britain’s patriotic myths.

Byron's rage at anti-Ludd laws

28 February 2012
Two hundred years ago last month the radical poet Byron spoke in the House of Lords against a bill to make frame-breaking a hanging offence. Bitter anger and contempt runs through his speech, made on 27 February 1812.

The Real Luddites

28 February 2012
Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith said last week that "the government’s opponents constitute a group of modern-day Luddites". Then health minister Andrew Lansley denounced those opposed to his assault on the NHS as "Luddites" too.

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