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Margaret Thatcher

The rulers’ party is rotting

The rulers’ party is rotting There’s a been Tory party since the late 17th century—now it’s in severe crisis. Simon Basketter looks at what could cause the death of the party for those who are born to rule

Thatcher, chemical weapons, a scab union and Piper Alpha

Thatcher, chemical weapons, a scab union and Piper Alpha Margaret Thatcher suggested threatening Iraq with chemical weapons after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, declassified documents show.

Ex-miners demand to know - who was responsible for police attacks at Orgreave?

Ex-miners demand to know - who was responsible for police attacks at Orgreave? About 100 people poured into the Yorkshire NUM Miners’ Hall in Barnsley today, Tuesday, for an Orgreave Truth and Justice (OTJC) press conference.

Historic documents reveal bigotry at the heart of Thatcher’s government

Historic documents reveal bigotry at the heart of Thatcher’s government Newly released 30 year old government documents reveal a world of racism and scheming from Cameron’s pals. Simon Basketter unearths the facts

Outrage over decision to let Chilean navy 'torture ship' dock in London

Outrage over decision to let Chilean navy torture ship dock in London Chilean political refugees in Britain have reacted with outrage at the decision to allow the Chilean navy ship Esmeralda to dock in London.

Let’s take back our assets from the bosses

Let’s take back our assets from the bosses  After Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn called for nationalisation, Ken Olende looks at what this would mean for workers—and how to make it a reality

Thatcher's downfall - 25 years since the poll tax riot

31 March 2015
The anti poll tax riot in 1990 helped oust Margaret Thatcher. The movement also struck a blow against everyone who said it was impossible to fight back, argues Sadie Robinson

Newly released Thatcher documents show that miners could have won

06 January 2015
A Downing Street report into the aftermath of the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike showed how close Margaret Thatcher’s government “came to disaster”. The National Archives released the document under the 30-year rule.

New film Pride tells an extraordinary story of solidarity in struggle

19 August 2014
Nicola Field, who was part of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, says a new film shows how struggle forged unity and helped break down prejudice

Tories discussed a Berlin-style Belfast divide

07 January 2014
In 1984 the IRA blew up a hotel in Brighton hosting Tories staying for their annual conference.

Veteran activists remember LGBT solidarity with miners

26 November 2013
Veterans of Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) met last Friday in London to remember the epic struggles of 30 years ago. 

Falklands forces torpedoed whales

10 September 2013
Navy used warship and helicopter to kill whales

How Tories let the market bring chaos to our homes

20 August 2013
Rising house prices boost wealthy speculators, not ordinary people who need somewhere to live. Ken Olende looks at the policies behind the housing crisis

Thatcher planned to send in troops to break miners

06 August 2013
Newly released government documents shed light on secret Tory plans to target miners, Northern Ireland and England’s flood defences, writes Simon Basketter

London meeting recalls Thatcher's toxic legacy

18 April 2013
Over 200 people crammed into a jubilant public meeting on Thatcher’s toxic legacy yesterday, on the evening of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral

Thatcher's coffin goes up in flames in Goldthorpe

17 April 2013
The funeral of Tory Margaret Thatcher today, Wednesday, was marked by pride and dignity - the pride and dignity of ex-miners who celebrated her death.

Angry protesters turn their back on Thatcher’s funeral

17 April 2013
Up to 300 demonstrators were in no mood for mourning at Ludgate Circus by the end of Fleet Street. Under pressure the police had allowed the protest and many demonstrators wore red to show they weren’t there to mourn.

How women workers defied bullying bosses to cheer strikers in Barnsley

16 April 2013
During the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike I worked at Corah’s, a clothing factory in Barnsley, south Yorkshire.

History is ours to make

16 April 2013
Politicians of all stripes have spent the past week telling us Margaret Thatcher was a “great” individual who transformed Britain. Others have compared her to previous “great” prime ministers.

Thatcher shows up problems for Labour

16 April 2013
When asked about her greatest achievement, Margaret Thatcher famously replied, “Tony Blair and New Labour”. So it’s quite appropriate that, as one monster is laid to rest, the other should suddenly surface.

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