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Hillsborough QC - can the cops offer justice for the 96?

03 May 2016
Mark George QC represented families at the Hillsborough Inquests. He told Sadie Robinson that the police’s role is hostile to the working class, but that it can also be resisted

LETTERS: Hillsborough families show why we should never give up

03 May 2016
I feel really sad for the families of the 96 killed at Hillsborough, having to go through 27 years of smears and lies. But they continued to fight and the top cop finally admitted he lied.

Outrage as Hillsborough cops told "You did a good Job"

28 April 2016
South Yorkshire Police (SYP) officers did a "good job" in the 1980s, according to an organisation for retired officers.

Hillsborough: How police and Tories conspired to blame fans

26 April 2016
The cover-up over the cops’ role in the Hillsborough disaster began the same day—and it went straight to the top of South Yorkshire Police

Hillsborough: The police pushed fans back in pens

26 April 2016
Establishment and police contempt for supporters had deep roots

Hillsborough campaigner on inquest results - 'I'm elated with the result, but angry at the system'

26 April 2016
Ninety six Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough football disaster were unlawfully killed.

Hillsborough: 96 were killed by cops and Tories

26 April 2016
The jury decisions in the Hillsborough inquests have utterly vindicated survivors of the disaster and families of the dead.

Inquest says fans were unlawfully killed at Hillsborough

26 April 2016
Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster were unlawfully killed, a jury ruled this week.

Hillsborough: The Truth

26 April 2016
Forget the smears about fans—police caused the Hillsborough disaster, says Sadie Robinson

Jury retires to consider its decisions in Hillsborough inquests

06 April 2016
The jury in the Hillsborough inquests has retired today, Wednesday, to consider its decisions. The jury will consider the medical cause and time of death of the 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Hillsborough cops amended statements ‘significantly’

05 April 2016
Coroner Sir John Goldring is continuing to sum up evidence given to fresh inquests relating to the Hillsborough football disaster.

Hillsborough police officers lacked direction, hears inquest

22 March 2016
Police officers lacked direction during the Hillsborough disaster, an inquest jury has heard.

Did the Hillsborough match commander make serious mistakes?

15 March 2016
An inquest jury must decide whether Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield could and should have acted differently.

Hillsborough match commander admits he made mistake during day of disaster

08 March 2016
Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield accepted that it was a mistake not to close the tunnel to pens 3 and 4, a court has heard.

Police chief at Hillsborough made 'serious mistake', court is told

01 March 2016
Police chief David Duckenfield accepted it was a “serious mistake” to accept the role of match commander in the run-up to the Hillsborough disaster, a court has heard.

Hillsborough coroner sums up cops' evidence to inquests

16 February 2016
Officers in the police control box during the Hillsborough disaster “gave no thought” to the consequences of opening a gate to the stadium, a court has heard.

Hillsborough inquest jury told to resolve conflicting evidence of fans' behaviour

09 February 2016
The jury in the Hillsborough inquests will have to “resolve the conflict” of evidence given about fans’ behaviour, coroner Sir John Goldring has said.

News in-brief

19 January 2016
inquests into the deaths of fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough football disaster are set to resume on Monday of next week.

Court told of signs of life among victims as Hillsborough inquests finish hearing evidence

07 January 2016
Inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough football disaster finished hearing evidence on Tuesday.

Hillsborough inquests hear of signs of life

15 December 2015
Fresh inquests into the deaths of victims crushed during the Hillsborough football disaster have heard evidence of signs of life following the crush.

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