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More lies from cops, Hillsborough inquests hear

24 February 2015
Police lied about the Hillsborough football disaster, according to a doctor giving evidence to inquests this week.

Cops blamed 'drunken' fans for Hillsborough football disaster

17 February 2015
Former Police Federation secretary Paul Middup has said fans’ behaviour helped cause the Hillsborough football disaster.

Police pushed fans back into deadly crush during Hillsborough disaster, inquest hears

03 February 2015
Police pushed fans back into a deadly crush during the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster and threatened others with arrest, an inquest has heard.

Some Hillsborough victims went to temporary mortuary due to lack of resources

13 January 2015
A consultant has described how some victims of the Hillsborough disaster were taken to a temporary mortuary because there weren’t enough resources to treat them.

The Troublemaker

13 January 2015
The Troublemaker looks at Tory plans to make it harder to strike, Cameron's green credentials and slurs on the football fans who died at Hillsborough

Hillsborough boy was alive among dead, inquests hear

16 December 2014
A leading ambulance worker pulled a boy out alive from a pile of dead bodies during the Hillsborough football disaster.

'More could have lived' at Hillsborough

09 December 2014
Ambulance staff said lives could have been saved if they had done things differently during the Hillsborough football disaster.

Police solicitor asked Hillsborough cops to 'review' evidence, inquests hear

02 December 2014
Former police officers were asked to “review” their evidence in the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.

Hillsborough cop agrees that police 'did nothing' to stop crush

25 November 2014
A police sergeant on duty during the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster has said the officers in charge on the day “didn’t step up to the plate”.

Hillsborough cop denies policing was 'shambles'

18 November 2014
A former superintendent on duty during the Hillsborough football disaster has denied that he could have done more to help fans trapped in a crush.

CCTV footage 'disappeared' after the Hillsborough football disaster

11 November 2014
CCTV footage from the Hillsborough disaster disappeared from the stadium, a jury has heard.

Hillsborough cop sorry for ‘misleading the court’

28 October 2014
A former police superintendent has admitted misleading the court during fresh inquests relating to the Hillsborough disaster. Roger Marshall told the jury last week, “I offer my unreserved apology for misleading the court.”

Hillsborough inquests hear how cops 'diverted blame onto victims'

21 October 2014
Inquests are continuing into the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Hillsborough: Police lied about Liverpool fans stealing

14 October 2014
Police lied about Liverpool football fans in the wake of the Hillsborough football disaster, an inquest has heard.

Hillsborough: Top cop says claim that fans forced gate a ‘wicked lie’

03 October 2014
The superintendent in charge of Liverpool football fans at Hillsborough has admitted that police contributed to the 1989 disaster.

‘More Hillsborough fans could have survived with better medical care’

30 September 2014
A former police officer who was on duty during the Hillsborough football disaster has said more fans could have survived with better medical attention.

Hillsborough cop says deadly crush was avoidable

23 September 2014
The 1989 Hillsborough football disaster could have been avoided if police crowd control had been different, according to a former police officer.

'Primary blame' for Hillsborough disaster lies with cops, says former police sergeant

16 September 2014
Former South Yorkshire Police sergeant Stephen Payne has said that the “primary blame” for the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster lies with the police.

Police told Hillsborough survivor to ''get back in you f****** Scouse b*****d''

04 September 2014
Liverpool football fans have described “mayhem” and a “chaos” during the Hillsborough disaster in April 1989. And they have underlined the role played by the police

Hillsborough cop says fans ‘weren't aggressive to me or other people’

02 September 2014
Police pushed fans trying to escape a deadly crush at the Hillsborough football stadium in April 1989 back into the pens, an inquest has heard.

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