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ScotRail, East Midlands, Hull, Rail Gourmet and the Tube—rail workers fight back

09 August 2021
ScotRail workers in the RMT union are continuing their battle for pay justice in a long-running dispute.

Cruising through climate damage and tax avoidance

05 August 2021
As cruise ships return to the seas following the pandemic and Venice decides to ban large ships, Simon Basketter explores how the cruise industry works

Easing travel rules puts profit before health

03 August 2021
Following immense pressure from travel industry tycoons, Britain’s international travel restrictions will be eased.

Transport round-up: ScotRail workers still on track for regular walkouts

03 August 2021
ScotRail workers are still on track for regular walkouts. East Midlands train workers conduct strikes over pay. And while the Tube strike is delayed, action is still possible down the line.

Empty shelves—nothing super about the market

31 July 2021
With shelves staying bare and shortages predicted to get worse, Sophie Squire looks at what’s behind the crisis and pins the blame on production for profit

Blame the huge surge in virus cases, not the app

23 July 2021
Notifications from the test and trace app are rising due to coronavirus cases. Sophie Squire investigates the Tory failures that have led to the rises

Strikes on Night Tube are coming down the line

20 July 2021
Workers on the London Underground are set to strike for four days over bosses’ proposals to abolish the Night Tube train drivers’ grade

Letters—Young people are turning left, and towards socialism

06 July 2021
New research from the right wing Institute of Economic Affairs shows 67 percent of young people are rejecting capitalism in favour of socialism.

Woolwich ferry workers respond after second victimisation

06 July 2021
Woolwich Ferry workers in south east London kicked off their escalated strikes last week after bosses victimised a second union rep

Bolt drivers strike and protest for pay and safety

24 June 2021
“So many trips that I do simply aren’t worth it. I’m making just over £1 per mile sometimes, and that’s before Bolt takes its cut," said a driver

Train workers fight bosses’ attempt to make them pay for the pandemic

22 June 2021
Rail workers across Britain are fighting back against corporate greed by striking in battles over pay and conditions.

Battle at Amazon Gateshead + More Woolwich ferry strikes + RLH + UVW + Usdaw at DHL

21 June 2021
A battle has broken out at the construction of a new Amazon Warehouse in Gateshead.

US dockers and campaigners block Israeli ship in solidarity with Palestine

05 June 2021
One activist said the action sent 'a clear message that Zionism, racism, apartheid and the occupation of Palestine will be met with resistance'

Tube strikes can derail Tory plans for raft of attacks

02 June 2021
London Underground workers are preparing to fight Tory plans to push through millions of pounds worth of cuts.

Cab fight continues as union wins Uber deal

01 June 2021
Taxi service Uber has struck a union recognition deal with the GMB union.

Woolwich ferry strike supports victimised union rep

17 May 2021
Ferry workers in Woolwich, east London, walked out on strike last Friday in solidarity with their union representative who is being victimised by management.

Bus drivers angry after strikes end in let down over pay

11 May 2021
Strikes by London bus workers have ended after an offer was made to workers that many felt wasn’t good enough, reports Sam Ord

Woolwich ferry + Go North West + Goodlord + Devonport + Bromley + ENCIRC

03 May 2021
Ferry workers in Woolwich, east London, have voted overwhelmingly to strike in solidarity with a victimised union representative.

Manchester and London bus strikes +Sage care + Chivas + Devonport + Brush electrical

26 April 2021
Around 400 bus workers at Go North West in Manchester are in the ninth week of an indefinite strike against fire and rehire.

Suez crisis driven by pursuit of profit

30 March 2021
The Ever Given container ship was refloated on Monday. But the temporary closure of the Suez Canal showed a lot about world trade.

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