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London bus drivers are up for a fight against transport bosses

27 January 2015
The Unite union’s campaign for equal pay for drivers across London’s 18 bus companies is expected to take a step forward.

Bus worker speaks out—all the controllers say is, 'Why are you late?'

20 January 2015
Mostafa, a bus driver, spoke to Raymie Kiernan about the pressures of work

London bus strike hits back at the bosses

13 January 2015
Defiant picket lines during London’s bus walkout showed that workers have the power and confidence to win their pay dispute, reports Raymie Kiernan

Momentum grows ahead of Tuesday's London bus strike

10 January 2015
Around 27,000 London bus drivers in the Unite union are set to walk out on Tuesday of next week. It’s part of a pay dispute with 18 bus companies and Transport for London (TfL). 

Unite union calls London-wide bus strike for equal pay

06 January 2015
Over 27,000 London bus drivers are set to strike across the capital’s 18 bus companies on Tuesday of next week.

Rail union steps up campaign over privatisation chaos

06 January 2015
Rail workers’ union RMT held a series of campaigning events on Monday of this week against the threat to jobs, fares and services from new franchises on the Northern and Trans-Pennine Express routes.

London Tower Transit bus workers fight back against unequal pay

06 January 2015
Tower Transit workers strike

Reports round-up

06 January 2015
Dnata airport strike threat wins small pay rise | Unity statement against racist EDL in Dudley | Hundreds at vigil for Leelah Alcorn | Post Office strikes are off after talks | Love Activists cook up housing protest | Freedom Riders protest over cuts

Market caused plane chaos in Britain

16 December 2014
A computer glitch caused chaos over Britain’s skies as flights were grounded. 

Bosses of London’s buses can expect a bumpy ride

16 December 2014
A strike ballot of 20,000 London bus drivers was set to finish on Thursday of this week.

Cops drop charges for Freedom Riders

09 December 2014
South Yorkshire Freedom Riders celebrate another victory but vow to restart action against cuts if councils don’t backtrack, says Sadie Robinson

London bus workers gear up for battle over pay

09 December 2014
Some 20,000 London bus drivers are balloting for strikes to demand equal pay and collective bargaining across the capital’s 18 bus companies.

Join the protests against rail cuts

09 December 2014
Important rail safety jobs are being axed as the Tories ram through franchise agreements and reprivatisation before the general election. 

Charges against Barnsley Freedom Riders dropped

28 November 2014
The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped all charges against freedom riders Tony Nuttall and George Arthur as “there is not enough evidence to obtain a prosecution”.

Up against the clock - the truth about night shift work

18 November 2014
Shift work is putting the health of millions of people in danger with regular reports detailing the risks. Raymie Kiernan spoke to workers whose body clocks are driven haywire by relentless rotas

London bus workers in huge vote for action

11 November 2014
Drivers across London’s 17 bus operators have voted by 96 percent for action in a consultative ballot over their Unite union’s demand for collective bargaining.

Councillors confronted by Barnsley Freedom Riders

04 November 2014
Nearly 50 pensioners held an angry protest outside the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive meeting in Barnlsey on Monday of this week. 

Freedom Riders keep up the protests

28 October 2014
Freedom Riders protested at the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport offices in Sheffield on Monday of this week. 

Wigan walkout hits Stagecoach bosses

28 October 2014
Stagecoach drivers in Wigan held their sixth day of industrial action on Monday of this week. 

Rail privatisation is the express route for profits

14 October 2014
Rail bosses are rubbing their hands at lucrative new deals as spineless politicians let them tighten their grip

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