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Great Miners' Strike

Occupy! The Clyde work-in

Occupy! The Clyde work-in Fifty years ago shipbuilders in Scotland led a battle to save their jobs. Sam Ord looks at how workers fought back against a brutal Tory government

Steve Hammill, 1951-2021

Steve Hammill, 1951-2021 Steve was a militant rank and file Yorkshire miner, who was involved in three major strikes

Scottish miners could be pardoned, but fight for justice continues

Scottish miners could be pardoned, but fight for justice continues Hundreds of miners in Scotland who were convicted of crimes during the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike might be pardoned  

US state threatens to shoot anti-racists in Washington

US state threatens to shoot anti-racists in Washington The US state prepared to use live fire against anti‑­racist protesters in Washington, a ­congressional inquiry has heard

LETTERS: Vote Labour—and keep up the fight against austerity

LETTERS: Vote Labour—and keep up the fight against austerity The announcement of the general election is welcome news for anyone who is committed to challenging the racism and austerity we have suffered under the Tories.

Catch this Miners' Strike play if you can

Catch this Miners Strike play if you can This is a play—with song and dance—about the Miners’ Strike of 1984-85, written by the daughter of a Nottinghamshire miner at Welbeck Colliery

Thatcher government feared inquiry into truth about Miners' Strike cops

14 March 2017
Newly released documents from 1985 show that then home secretary Leon Brittan wanted to avoid “any form of enquiry into the behaviour of the police”.

Protesters demand justice for Orgreave

14 March 2017
Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Home Office in London on Monday to demand justice over the Battle of Orgreave.

LETTERS: Tories’ attacks on benefits make claimants more sick

08 November 2016
The government’s claims to help Employment Support Allowance (ESA) sickness benefit claimants into work are ridiculous.

Ex-miners demand to know - who was responsible for police attacks at Orgreave?

01 November 2016
About 100 people poured into the Yorkshire NUM Miners’ Hall in Barnsley today, Tuesday, for an Orgreave Truth and Justice (OTJC) press conference.

Stop this class war cover-up—miners’ fury over Orgreave

01 November 2016
The Tories are continuing a cover-up by refusing an inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave.

Campaigners slam Tories for ruling out Orgreave inquiry

31 October 2016
There will be no inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave, home secretary Amber Rudd has announced.

Cops’ filth won’t wash

11 October 2016
More former police officers have spoken out against the policing of striking miners during the 1984 Battle of Orgreave.

Orgreave and Rotherham 12 campaigns fight against injustices and lies

04 October 2016
Around 80 people gathered for a conference hosted by the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign in Sheffield last Saturday.

Orgreave campaigners demand justice ahead of meeting with Tory minister

13 September 2016
Campaigners from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) and their supporters gathered outside parliament today, Tuesday, ahead of a meeting with home secretary Amber Rudd.

Rally demands justice for Orgreave

21 June 2016
Ex-miners, trade unionists and campaigners gathered at Orgreave in Sheffield last Saturday to remember the Battle of Orgreave.

Reports round-up

14 June 2016
Workers At 100 Wood Street corporate offices in the City of London financial district are on all-out strike.

Industrial round up

07 June 2016
An inquest into the death of north London teenager Henry Hicks was set to begin on Monday of next week.

Same cops involved in Orgreave and Hillsborough are named

17 May 2016
The senior police officers and solicitor involved in South Yorkshire Police’s (SYP) response to the Hillsborough disaster and the Battle of Orgreave have been named.

LETTERS: Hillsborough families show why we should never give up

03 May 2016
I feel really sad for the families of the 96 killed at Hillsborough, having to go through 27 years of smears and lies. But they continued to fight and the top cop finally admitted he lied.

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