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Marikana massacre

South Africa: The ANC monolith cracks

29 April 2014
Irvin Jim, head of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, and Dali Mpofu of the Economic Freedom Fighters, speak to Socialist Worker's Ken Olende

South Africa's largest union breaks with ANC and calls for new workers' party

07 January 2014
South Africa’s largest union withdrew electoral support for the governing African National Congress (ANC) in a historic move at a special conference last month. It went on to call for a new workers’ party to be set up.

Marikana film shows cops' attacks on miners

29 October 2013
New evidence backs miners in the fight for justice over the Marikana massacre, reports Ken Olende

New footage of Marikana massacre shows unprovoked attack

25 October 2013
Socialist film maker Rehad Desai has uncovered previously unseen news footage of the beginning of the Marikana massacre in South Africa in August 2012.

Cops faked Marikana inquiry evidence

24 September 2013
Newly revealed footage from after the Marikana mine massacre of 2012 shows Brigadier Adriaan Calitz, praising police for a perfectly executed plan. It was Calitz who had ordered the police to open fire on striking miners.

Workers' revolt in South Africa is a direct challenge to the ANC

13 August 2013
South Africa is going through a revolt. It started with the victorious strike at Marikana and a wave of wildcat strikes in the mines.

The shocking collusion behind the Marikana miners' massacre

13 August 2013
A year after the Marikana massacre, miners’ lawyer Jim Nichol looks at the facts revealed by the inquiry

Shooting at mine in South Africa

04 June 2013
Two men walked into the National Union of Mineworkers office at the Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana, South Africa, and shot two officials on Monday of this week. 

Guards fire on striking miners in South Africa

21 May 2013
Ten striking chrome miners were hospitalised after rubber bullets were fired on Tuesday of this week at the Lanxess mine near Rustenberg in South Africa. 

New strike at Marikana follows shooting of union militant

14 May 2013
Tensions between unions in South African mines have grown since last year’s massacre of striking miners, writes Rehad Desai

South Africa: The Massacre That Changed a Nation

23 April 2013
Peter Hain’s documentary on last year’s massacre of striking miners at Marikana, South Africa, shows the distress of a natural supporter of the governing ANC.

New footage shows horror of the Marikana massacre

15 March 2013
Shocking new footage of the Marikana massacre in South Africa backs the miners’ version of events against police claims. Police shot 112 miners—killing 34—during a strike at Lonmin’s platinum mine last August.

Who planted weapons on striking miners' bodies at Marikana?

13 November 2012
Jim Nichol, who represents miners’ families at the inquiry into South Africa’s Marikana massacre, reports on developments

Outrage at plan to charge miners with 'murder' of their colleagues

29 August 2012
The South African state is threatening to charge some 270 Lonmin platinum miners arrested at the time of the Marikana massacre with murder. In an outrageous twist they would be charged with the killing of the 34 colleagues who were gunned down beside them.

Marikana miners' strike defies police brutality and the bosses

28 August 2012
South African police followed their massacre of striking miners with beatings in prison, while bosses have threatened strikers with the sack—yet the struggle continues, writes Ken Olende

Marikana: Political crisis breaks out inside the ruling ANC

28 August 2012
Platinum miners at Marikana last week reoccupied the hill that, just days earlier, had been the scene of the police massacre that killed 34 strikers.

Marikana: Workers fighting back deserve our support

21 August 2012
The massacre of striking workers in South Africa is not simply a human tragedy. It shows what can happen when the logic of capitalism remains, even in a society that has emerged out of momentous uprisings from below.

How police planned and carried out the massacre at Marikana

21 August 2012
Thapelo Lekgowa, Botsang Mmope and Peter Alexander investigate the scene of the killing

The brutal history of South Africa's platinum industry

21 August 2012
Gavin Capps looks at how platinum has taken centre stage in South Africa’s mining industry—and how workers have paid the cost

The truth behind the Marikana Massacre

21 August 2012
34 South African miners shot down by police in cold blood

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