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Stephen Lawrence

Top terror cop Richard Walton facing Stephen Lawrence spy probe

03 June 2014
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is to examine the role of undercover cops in the Stephen Lawrence campaign.

Lawrence report exposes rotten heart of Met police

11 March 2014
A review into police corruption in the original Stephen Lawrence murder investigation has put the establishment into crisis management mode.

After scandal of police corruption in Lawrence case - Cop corruption kills

11 March 2014
Undercover cops, corrupt links to informants, shredded evidence and a murdered detective add up to a toxic scandal for London’s Met police. Simon Basketter investigates

Cops spied on Stephen Lawrence campaign because they feared the truth

11 March 2014
There had already been a series of racist murders in south east London when Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in Well Hall Road over two decades ago.

Conspiracy made killers 'untouchable'

11 March 2014
A few days after detective sergeant John Davidson was questioned in the Macpherson inquiry in 1998, Doreen Lawrence made a statement.

Police spied on campaigners attending Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry

02 July 2013
The cops’ dirty tricks operation against Stephen Lawrence’s family and its supporters was coordinated ­nationally.

Filth: Cop spies ruined people's lives

25 June 2013
New insult to Stephen Lawrence's family

Britain's police are still rotten to the core

23 April 2013
The racist murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence opened up the institutional racism at the heart of Britain’s police 20 years ago.

Corrupt cops protected Stephen’s racist killers

16 April 2013
Racists killed Stephen Lawrence on 22 April 1993. At least three of Stephen’s killers remain at large. The reason is police corruption.

Stephen Lawrence killer Gary Dobson drops appeal

21 March 2013
As one of the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence stops claiming to be innocent, evidence has emerged that the Home Office tried to block the inquiry

Racist killers of Stephen Lawrence lose appeal bid

23 August 2012
Racist killers of Stephen Lawrence lose appeal bid

Call for inquiry into police corruption over Stephen Lawrence

24 April 2012
Calls are growing for a new inquiry into police corruption that derailed the hunt for Stephen Lawrence’s killers.

Stephen Lawrence case: new proof of police corruption

06 March 2012
New documents have emerged that confirm the extent of police corruption in the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

The dangers of double jeopardy

04 February 2012
Every decent person will have rejoiced at the conviction of two of Stephen Lawrence’s murderers.

Stephen Lawrence murder: How unions played a role in fighting for justice

10 January 2012
Within days of Stephen’s murder, people were out on the streets leafleting and petitioning. There were two demonstrations in the next ten days through Eltham.

Stephen Lawrence murder: The persecution of Duwayne Brooks

10 January 2012
Duwayne Brooks was Stephen Lawrence’s best friend and was with him when he was murdered. He was a victim of a racist attack and a witness to that attack.

Stephen Lawrence murder: How we shut down the Nazis in Welling

10 January 2012
In May 1993, just a few weeks after Stephen Lawrence’s murder, openly sieg-heiling BNP councillor Derek Beacon was elected on the Isle of Dogs.

Stephen Lawrence murder: Fighting against racism in south east London

10 January 2012
Activists in south east London remember how the racists were left to rampage for years—while the police turned their fire on them.

Stephen Lawrence murder: The gangster of Eltham

10 January 2012
The attack on Stephen was part of a spate in the area carried out by racists.

Stephen Lawrence murder: Close links between racist thugs

10 January 2012
On the night of the murder, while the police were at the scene, a red Vauxhall Astra drove past. It was full of white youths laughing and jeering. It came back a few minutes later.

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