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Protesters in Hong Kong resist as rulers’ mask slips

08 October 2019
Authorities in Hong Kong have resorted to using old, authoritarian laws to try and suppress a pro-democracy movement. It has sparked more furious protests.

Protester shot in Hong Kong on China anniversary

01 October 2019
Police shot an 18 year old man during angry pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

1949 — Mao & the Chinese revolution

24 September 2019
Seventy years ago revolution in China threw off the rule of landlords and struck a blow to Western imperialism. But it wasn’t a socialist revolution, and its aims were not to put people in power, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Hong Kong fight rages on streets

24 September 2019
Protesters in Hong Kong defied police repression as they took part in a 16th successive weekend of protests last weekend.

The West offers no solution to Hong Kong protesters

16 September 2019
The biggest protests since the withdrawal of a hated extradition bill took place in Hong Kong last Sunday.

Hong Kong - the battle continues for democracy, and much more

10 September 2019
The authorities have said they will retreat over the bill that sparked resistance. But having sensed their power demonstrators are now demanding further change, writes Sadie Robinson

Concession will not stop movement in Hong Kong

04 September 2019
A mass pro-democracy movement forced Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam to grant a major concession on Wednesday. But many protesters are vowing to continue their struggle until all of their demands are met.

Protests and strikes in Hong Kong as cops ramp up violence

03 September 2019
Defiant action by protesters has been met with increasing levels of brutality, writes Sadie Robinson

Protesters build barricades to defy police repression in Hong Kong

25 August 2019
Tens of thousands of people defied police repression in Hong Kong over the weekend, marking the 12th week of mass protests. 

Million march in Hong Kong as movement grows

20 August 2019
Some 1.7 million people marched in Hong Kong on Sunday as the pro-democracy movement there entered its 11th week.

London marchers show solidarity with Hong Kong protests

17 August 2019
Up to 1,000 people joined the Stand With Hong Kong protest, which gathered in Trafalgar Square before marching to Downing Street and Parliament Square

Hong Kong protesters refuse to give in to threats and intimidation

16 August 2019
China is escalating its threats towards pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong as the movement is set to enter its 11th week.

Protesters shut down airport in Hong Kong and defy state repression

13 August 2019
The mass movement has refused to leave the streets in defiance of the police, writes Sadie Robinson

Fresh protests in Hong Kong after airport occupation

10 August 2019
Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has refused to make any concessions in the face of mass demonstrations, rallies and strikes.

Violence in society is driven by our rulers

06 August 2019
Horrific shootings in the US last weekend showed where our rulers’ racism can lead.

First general strike in half a century deepens the revolt in Hong Kong

06 August 2019
Demonstrators are trying to “foment revolution” in Hong Kong according to the city’s leader Carrie Lam.

‘The movement is at a critical point’—voice from Hong Kong

05 August 2019
After nearly two months of protests, Hong Kong’s mass movement has reached a critical moment.

Hong Kong protesters defy state’s violence

30 July 2019
Protesters fighting the extradition bill have been subjected to horiffic attacks

Fury after masked attack in Hong Kong

23 July 2019
Protesters in Hong Kong are furious after police failed to stop an attack on them at a train station

Unity, a general strike and organisation can strengthen the movement in Hong Kong

08 July 2019
Hong Kong revolutionary socialist Lam Chi Leung gives his view on what is the best way forward for the movement in Hong Kong

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