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London marchers show solidarity with Hong Kong protests

17 August 2019
Up to 1,000 people joined the Stand With Hong Kong protest, which gathered in Trafalgar Square before marching to Downing Street and Parliament Square

Hong Kong protesters refuse to give in to threats and intimidation

16 August 2019
China is escalating its threats towards pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong as the movement is set to enter its 11th week.

Protesters shut down airport in Hong Kong and defy state repression

13 August 2019
The mass movement has refused to leave the streets in defiance of the police, writes Sadie Robinson

Fresh protests in Hong Kong after airport occupation

10 August 2019
Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has refused to make any concessions in the face of mass demonstrations, rallies and strikes.

Violence in society is driven by our rulers

06 August 2019
Horrific shootings in the US last weekend showed where our rulers’ racism can lead.

First general strike in half a century deepens the revolt in Hong Kong

06 August 2019
Demonstrators are trying to “foment revolution” in Hong Kong according to the city’s leader Carrie Lam.

‘The movement is at a critical point’—voice from Hong Kong

05 August 2019
After nearly two months of protests, Hong Kong’s mass movement has reached a critical moment.

Hong Kong protesters defy state’s violence

30 July 2019
Protesters fighting the extradition bill have been subjected to horiffic attacks

Fury after masked attack in Hong Kong

23 July 2019
Protesters in Hong Kong are furious after police failed to stop an attack on them at a train station

Unity, a general strike and organisation can strengthen the movement in Hong Kong

08 July 2019
Hong Kong revolutionary socialist Lam Chi Leung gives his view on what is the best way forward for the movement in Hong Kong

Defiant Hong Kong protests target the government and humiliate the authorities

02 July 2019
Protesters smashed into Hong Kong’s main government building, the Legislative Council, on Monday – and ramped up the crisis facing the country’s rulers.

Inside the protests rocking Hong Kong

25 June 2019
Hong Kong socialist Lam Chi Leung says the retreats by the government have not ended the protests sweeping the country and Sadie Robinson looks at the background to the revolt

Eyewitness from Hong Kong as protests force a retreat on extradition bill

15 June 2019
The government in Hong Kong has suspended a planned bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. The climbdown follows huge demonstrations.

Million take to streets in Hong Kong to stop law

11 June 2019
Protests erupted against a repressive new law proposed by the Chinese state

Will the establishment absorb the opposition in Hong Kong?

10 March 2015
Vincent Sung looks at the contradictions in Hong Kong’s Umbrella movement and some of the challenges it faces in the future

International round-up

16 December 2014
Hong Kong police clear last camps | Palestinian minister killed | Numsa union to challenge ANC | Nigerian oil workers walk out

Hong Kong police launch new attack on occupiers

02 December 2014
An estimated 40 people were hospitalised during the democracy protests in Hong Kong last weekend.

International round-up

04 November 2014
Beijing set for Hong Kong demo | Putin calls talks after election | Podemos tops poll in Spain

Hong Kong talks fall apart

28 October 2014
Protests are continuing in Hong Kong after talks between opposition movement leaders and the government failed to resolve a longstanding crisis.

Hong Kong's protesters refuse to leave the streets

21 October 2014
Televised talks were taking place between the leaders of Hong Kong’s government and the ongoing Occupy protest movement as Socialist Worker went to press.

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