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The right use abuse scandals to feed racism

21 January 2020
A new report shows politicians and the media use abuse to whip up Islamophobia, says Sadie Robinson

Why do the royals still reign?

19 January 2020
As scandals and splits tear chunks out of the royal family, Simon Basketter looks at what keeps them in place—and why the people who actually rule us still want them

Jeffrey Epstein case shows up the system’s abuses

20 August 2019
Jeffrey Epstein, the rich child rapist, is dead after taking his own life. That is a slightly more controversial statement than might be imagined.

Reports of child abuse are shaped by media hypocrisy

23 July 2019
Peter Bornshin suffered sexual abuse while in the care of social services in the early 1980s. He was tormented by his experiences at the Grafton Close Children’s Home, west London.

Hidden nightmare that lies behind the Hollywood dream

16 July 2019
Dark Mon£y is a poignant and compelling drama about sexual abuse, class and the corporate elite in the film industry, say?Dean Ryan and Kate Simon

Child abuse at the heart of the British establishment

02 April 2019
Child abusing senior spy Sir Peter Hayman escaped prosecution in 1978 after his solicitor lobbied the then Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in person.

LETTERS - It’s right to challenge racist lies over child sexual abuse

05 November 2018
I think this race stuff has allowed the police to shift focus away from how much they clearly don’t care about people from poorer or difficult backgrounds (Claims about ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up, 31 October).

Claims over ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up

29 October 2018
Racists blame Muslims for child abuse, but researcher Ella Cockbain told Sadie Robinson about the reality

Tommy Robinson’s racists turn on Rotherham survivor

16 October 2018
Rotherham abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse has come under attack from racists and supporters of Tommy Robinson.

Council care fails children

21 August 2018
Children looked after by local authorities are facing a “silent crisis”, new research by the Social Market Foundation thinktank indicates.

New book shows how police failings helped cover up Rotherham abuse

22 April 2018
Sammy Woodhouse was key to exposing a child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham – and the failures of the police and other authorities to act on abuse.

After racists march in Telford - oppose the FLA in Manchester

31 March 2018
Around 200 people joined a racist march in Telford on Friday.

New report into Rotherham child abuse excuses top council officials and police

12 September 2017
A new report says senior officials at Rotherham council knew of problems with child sexual exploitation—but none should be charged over failures.

Newcastle abuse ‘not because of race’ says judge

06 September 2017
A group of men that abused girls and young women in Newcastle did not target victims because of their race, a judge has said.

Abuse survivor slams police for paying convicted child rapist in Newcastle case

11 August 2017
A survivor of child sexual exploitation has spoken out against the use of a convicted child rapist as a police informant in the Newcastle abuse case.

Sexist attitudes behind police failings in Newcastle abuse case

10 August 2017
Sexual abuse and sexist attitudes aren’t the preserve of Asian men. They are at the heart of capitalist society. And this explains police failings.

Failings that led to Jersey child abuse went right to the top, inquiry finds

04 July 2017
The failings that left children in care open to abuse in Jersey went right to the top of the political system, an inquiry has found. It added that children there “may still be at risk”.

Three Girls - A harrowing view of how system treats survivors of abuse

16 May 2017
Socialist Worker readers should watch BBC drama Three Girls, which airs this week.

Rotherham abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse leads fight for new law

04 April 2017
A survivor of the child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, is demanding the government does more to help victims.

Spies not blamed over Kincora in a ‘travesty’ of a child abuse inquiry

24 January 2017
Children suffered decades of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in homes run by the state, charities and churches in Northern Ireland, an inquiry found last week.

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