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Farage guns for Labour, but makes policies fit for Tories in Ukip conference speech

30 September 2014
Ukip’s conference was all about bashing immigrants and backing the rich— not workers, reports Sadie Robinson

Doncaster stands up to Ukip as 1,000 join anti-racist march

27 September 2014
A thousand anti-racists filled the streets of Doncaster today, Saturday. They were marching against Ukip, which is holding its conference in the South Yorkshire town.

Campaigners set to march against Ukip conference in Doncaster

23 September 2014
Ukip leader Nigel Farage hopes to present his racist party as respectable at its national conference, set to begin in Doncaster on Thursday of this week.

Ukip comes under fire from angry anti-racist protesters in Glasgow

16 September 2014
Campaigners get set to take on Farage with a demonstration at Ukip’s conference in Doncaster, reports Sadie Robinson

Protest in Doncaster outside Ukip’s conference and stand up to racists

09 September 2014
Activists across Britain are organising to take on the anti-immigrant, pro-rich Ukip party later this month.

Clacton by-election - the Tories, Ukip and the last resort

09 September 2014
Tory MP Douglas Carswell defected to Ukip and is standing for re-election in the seaside constituency of Clacton. Dave Sewell visited the town and spoke to people hit by the crisis

Cameron veers right with ‘terror’ crackdown amid Tory crisis

02 September 2014
David Cameron has given police and intelligence agencies further powers to crack down on those he decides are “terrorists” in a raft of new measures announced this week.

Ukip's policy proposals show they are a party for the rich

26 August 2014
Ukip announced details of proposed polices last week. They include tax cuts for the wealthy and retaining the benefit cap which makes ordinary people suffer.

Support grows for Stand Up to Ukip campaign

03 June 2014
Trade union general secretaries have joined Labour MP Diane Abbott and anti-racist activists to officially launch Stand Up to Ukip. 

We can’t just blame Ukip’s success on media bias

03 June 2014
Did the constant presence of Ukip in the media lead to the party’s success? It’s not so simple, argues Ian Taylor

What kind of a party is Ukip?

03 June 2014
People are worried by Ukip’s growth. Mark L Thomas examines the right wing populist party and explains why challenging its racism is central to stopping it

Labour fails to learn lessons from election, so it panders to the right

27 May 2014
Labour is still the main home for those opposed to the government. But it leaves many voters uninspired.

Did Ukip win votes from each mainstream party?

27 May 2014
More than half of Ukip’s supporters in the European elections came from disenfranchised Tory voters, a poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft has found.

Coalition humiliated after big poll losses

27 May 2014
The government crashed in the elections. But the vote hasn’t gone to the left, writes Simon Basketter

Local elections show disillusionment with establishment parties

23 May 2014
The government took a drubbing in the local elections. The Tories and Liberal Democrats crashed. But the anger hasn’t gone to the left. 

Desperate Labour and Tory politicians tail Ukip’s racism

20 May 2014
Mainstream parties are happy to let racist attacks on migrants go unchallenged, writes Ken Olende

Labour's surrender to racism

20 May 2014
Simon Basketter traces the history of the Labour Party’s attitude to immigration and argues their leadership have always opted for a filthy compromise with the system

Nigel Farage gets flustered after anti-racist protests target Ukip

13 May 2014
Angry crowds have rattled the right wing populist, report Judith Orr and Annette Mackin

Anti-racists disrupt Ukip's London rally

08 May 2014
A Ukip rally in London turned into chaos on Wednesday evening as speeches attacking migrants were disrupted by anti-racist protesters.

The threat of Ukip grows - but so does opposition to it

06 May 2014
Politicians turn on Ukip but pander to its key argument of scapegoating migrant workers, reports Judith Orr

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