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Nigel Farage forced to flee pub by ‘Cabaret of Diversity’

24 March 2015
Around 100 anti-Ukip activists staged a protest last Sunday at a pub in Downe, Kent, that Nigel Farage regularly frequents.

Farage plans misery for migrants if Ukip elected

17 March 2015
Ukip would limit migrant children’s access to state education, according to party leader Nigel Farage.

Organise against Ukip bigots

10 March 2015
Ukip leader Nigel Farage was finally forced to speak about the racist party’s immigration policy last week.

Hundreds of anti-racists march through Margate to stand up to Ukip

03 March 2015
Up to 700 people protested against Ukip in Margate last Saturday as the racist party held its spring conference. The demo included local anti-racists, students and trade unionists.

Ukip racists targeted in Bradford Upon Avon

24 February 2015
Anti-racists held a lively protest outside a Ukip public meeting in Bradford Upon Avon on Friday of last week.

A view of Nigel Farage from Ramsgate

24 February 2015
Ramsgate in Kent is at the heart of the constituency where Ukip’s Nigel Farage is standing to become an MP in May. Sadie Robinson spoke to people in the town about the reality of their lives and why they oppose Ukip and its racist scapegoating

We won't let racism divide us - join the 21 March demonstrations

17 February 2015
Campaigners across Europe are out to block the rising tide of racism. In Britain there are protests on Saturday 21 March in London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Victory for anti-racists as Ukip loses council seat in Harlow

17 February 2015
Campaigning against the racist party pays off as Harlow candidate defeated, reports Sadie Robinson

Protest on 21 March to stop scapegoating

10 February 2015
The need for a raging protest against racism was pushed home last week as David Cameron stepped up his scapegoating of migrants.

Nigel Farage blocked by protesters in Rotherham

06 February 2015
A lively protest confronted Ukip leader Nigel Farage when he came to Rotherham today, Friday.

Anti-racists disrupt Ukip events and take on its racist lies

03 February 2015
Anti-racists forced Ukip leader Nigel Farage to cancel opening a party campaign office in Herne Bay, Kent, last Saturday. 

Anti-racists mobilise against Ukip as fresh scandals hit the party

27 January 2015
It’s been a bad week for the racist Ukip party. Senior MEP Amjad Bashir defected to the Tories—prompting claims from Ukip that it had suspended him.

Three key events for anti-racists

13 January 2015
As politicians and the press whip up racism in the wake of the Paris killings, here are three key events for anti-racists in Britain:

Farage admits labelling Ukip racist could 'bury' their support

06 January 2015
Ukip’s fear of being called racist shows that there’s a solid base to build a fightback against the hard right party, writes Sadie Robinson

Ed Miliband makes immigration pledge - again

16 December 2014
Ed Miliband has made controlling immigration the second pledge of his general election campaign. 

Reports round-up

09 December 2014
Cash workers strike at Post Offices | Union takes break in biscuit dispute | Police stations staff could down tools | EDF workers’ action over sacked driver | Stop Ukip growing in Portsmouth | TV action set for the new year | Housing protests in Hackney and Haringey

Nazi Nick Griffin lends his support to Ukip

02 December 2014
Nazi Nick Griffin has confirmed he’s backing Ukip in next year’s general election.

David Cameron talks tough in racist bid to head off Ukip rivals

02 December 2014
David Cameron’s speech on immigration last week talked about the need for “firm control”, but represented a change in tack for the Tories.

Is there an alternative to the Labour Party?

02 December 2014
Millions of workers hate Ukip and the Tories, but don’t see Labour standing up to them. Socialist Worker has argued that the left should present a united challenge at the election. We asked activists what they think

Racist filth! New Ukip MP reveals plan to 'repatriate' migrants

25 November 2014
Newly-elected ukip MP Mark Reckless let the cat out of the bag last week when he revealed Ukip policy to repatriate migrants.

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