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Ukip loses Thanet majority

26 January 2016
UKIP has lost its majority on Thanet District Council in Kent.

News round-up

17 November 2015
Police in Northern Ireland have given a commitment not to arrest any more former soldiers over the Bloody Sunday killings.

Reports round-up

01 September 2015
Meter readers call strike at EDF | Stansted security scanners strike for better pay | LGSM leads lively bloc in Manchester pride | Protest against Chile ‘torture ship’ | Stoke housing workers’ pay strike | Essex fire staff keep fighting cuts | Protest called against Ukip in Doncaster | Solidarity with Max Watson

Industrial roundup

25 August 2015
Organising to stand up to Ukip racists | Protesters to target Sotheby’s auction | Demo called to stop threat of eviction | Workers prepare for a nuclear strike | Luggage scanners walk off the job | More walkouts at Indesit UK Ltd

Austerity drive deepens as councils launch new attacks

21 July 2015
in Walsall and Coventry

The kind Tory who aided Ukip - and a mystery leaflet

02 June 2015
Royston Smith, the new Tory MP for Southampton Itchen, is a generous man.

As Ukip's turmoil grows - stop the racists

19 May 2015
Anti-racists everywhere will be delighted to see the racist party Ukip in turmoil. First its leader Nigel Farage had a very public spat with his only remaining MP Douglas Carswell. 

Farage flounders—but votes surge for Ukip racists

12 May 2015
Leader of the racist Ukip party Nigel Farage failed in his attempt to be elected MP in South Thanet.

Nigel Farage fails to win in South Thanet – but fight continues against Ukip racists

08 May 2015
Leader of the racist Ukip party Nigel Farage failed in his attempt to be elected MP in South Thanet. Farage resigned as leader and the party is in crisis.

Farage rattled as anti-Ukip campaigners take to streets

05 May 2015
Stand Up to Ukip (Sutu) activists gave a final push on Saturday of last week to oppose the racist party in the run-up to this week’s election.

Ukip feels the heat in Kent

28 April 2015
Nigel Farage has said he will step down as Ukip leader “within ten minutes” if he is not elected MP in the general election.

Politics is ripe for satire—so why is TV falling short?

28 April 2015
If one thing is proving predictable about the general election, it’s the tedium.

Migrants attacked in Ukip manifesto

21 April 2015
The racist Ukip launched its manifesto on Wednesday of last week. It is full of panic over migrants.

Anti-racists spend a day exposing Ukip

14 April 2015
Nigel Farage faced two protests last Saturday as the fight against Ukip gathers pace, writes Sadie Robinson

Don’t believe Farage’s racist healthcare lies

07 April 2015
Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said that he would rather people became poorer than have migrants coming to live in Britain.

Nigel Farage forced to flee pub by ‘Cabaret of Diversity’

24 March 2015
Around 100 anti-Ukip activists staged a protest last Sunday at a pub in Downe, Kent, that Nigel Farage regularly frequents.

Farage plans misery for migrants if Ukip elected

17 March 2015
Ukip would limit migrant children’s access to state education, according to party leader Nigel Farage.

Organise against Ukip bigots

10 March 2015
Ukip leader Nigel Farage was finally forced to speak about the racist party’s immigration policy last week.

Hundreds of anti-racists march through Margate to stand up to Ukip

03 March 2015
Up to 700 people protested against Ukip in Margate last Saturday as the racist party held its spring conference. The demo included local anti-racists, students and trade unionists.

Ukip racists targeted in Bradford Upon Avon

24 February 2015
Anti-racists held a lively protest outside a Ukip public meeting in Bradford Upon Avon on Friday of last week.

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