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Striking PIA airline workers defy guns and killings in Pakistan

05 February 2016
Two workers, ground engineer Saleem Akbar and senior manager Inayet Raza Rizvi, were killed as the military opened fire at thousands of people marching towards Karachi’s airport terminal on Tuesday.

Meeting defies state to expose horror of ‘disappearances’ in Balochistan

12 May 2015
Teachers at Karachi University defied a ban and repression to go ahead with a meeting on Unsilencing Balochistan on Wednesday of last week.

Britain’s crimes in India - the truth behind the drama

10 February 2015
As a new television drama looks at British rule in India, Nick Clark looks at the exploitation, famines and massacres that were the brutal reality of the Empire

Pakistan protests demand change - but will the leaders deliver?

09 September 2014
Geoff Brown argues the protests represent real anger, but the movement has to look to its own strength, not the leadership

Air war is breaking the Pakistani government—but not the Taliban

17 June 2014
An attack on Karachi airport exposed how weak the deadly conflict has left Pakistan’s rulers, writes Geoff Brown

Voters protest against ruling parties in Pakistan poll, but fight continues

14 May 2013
Muslim League leader Nawaz Sharif will become prime minister of Pakistan for a third time after elections last week. 

Anger at sectarian killings fuels fury with the state

15 January 2013
The British press has blamed bloody killings last week in Quetta, Pakistan, on "religious fanatics". This does nothing to explain why they took place.

Gaza round-up

20 November 2012
Hamas and negotiations Contrary to Israeli propaganda Hamas has not opposed all negotiations.

Muslim protests sparked by anger at imperialism

25 September 2012
The protests against the anti-Islamic Innocence of Muslims film have continued to spread—from Pakistan to Greece.

Greek left unites to march against the fascist Golden Dawn

10 July 2012
Some 2,500 people marched against fascists in Nikaia, Athens, on Thursday of last week. The march saw the biggest mobilisation yet from Pakistani people. And for the first time the whole left came together.

US drones slaughter dozens

05 June 2012
Three days of US drone attacks in north west Pakistan have left at least 27 dead.

Rochdale: The system failed abuse victims in its care

22 May 2012
Tory minister Baroness Warsi waded into the debate about the Rochdale abuse case last week. She claimed that some Pakistani men saw white women as "fair game".


06 March 2012
This new play by Middlesbrough-based writer Ishy Din looks at the lives of four British Pakistani young men.

Pakistan kicks US out after lethal airstrike

13 December 2011
Hostilities between the US and Pakistan have dramatically escalated after a US airstrike killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last month.

Nato attack on Pakistan base provokes fury

28 November 2011
Nato’s attack on a Pakistan military base on Friday night has led to a huge crisis.

Secret Pakistan: The Taliban and Pakistan—but what’s the secret?

18 October 2011
So long as there are foreign forces in Afghanistan, there will be resistance and, sooner or later, the occupiers will be defeated. Everyone knows this is what is going to happen.

Nato’s war in Afghanistan is tearing into Pakistan

04 October 2011
Forty years of foreign intervention in Afghanistan—first with the Soviet Union, and now with NATO—have destroyed that country, and now threatens to expand to destroy Pakistan too.

Clampdown in Pakistan sees activists arrested and tortured

27 September 2011
The Pakistani state has arrested and tortured union and political activists using special anti-terror laws.

Pakistani state clamps down on unions and the left

23 September 2011
The Pakistani state is arresting and torturing union and political activists fighting against displacement from floods, privatisation, mass sackings and non-payment of wages.

The Taqwacores

16 August 2011
A shy Muslim from Pakistan, Yusef, joins a hardcore Islamic commune in New York and becomes radicalised.

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