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Pakistan crisis: eyewitness report from Karachi

06 November 2007
Within 24 hours of it being declared, over 200 people defied the state of emergency to gather on the steps of the Karachi press club.

Protesters defy Pakistan's dictator General Musharraf

06 November 2007
Pakistan’s dictator Pervez Musharraf has launched a wave of repression by imposing martial law, banning public assemblies and shutting down independent TV stations.

Afghan war spreads into Pakistan

23 October 2007
The bombs in Karachi that ripped through the cavalcade returning former prime

Pakistan regime under pressure in Waziristan

16 October 2007
Mir Ali is a town of around 50,000 people in the Waziristan region of northern Pakistan. Last week the Pakistani military bombed it as part of its long running battle with Taliban forces in the area. An estimated 250 local people were killed, with Pakistan losing 47 soldiers.


02 October 2007
Pakistani state jails democracy activists The recent announcement that General Musharraf will be allowed to seek election while remaining head of the military should dispel any doubts about the tyrannical nature of the Pakistani regime.

Pakistan on the edge of turmoil

25 September 2007
Regardless of the outcome of presidential elections planned for 6 October, massive changes of one sort or another seem inevitable in Pakistan.

Red Mosque raid threatens to backfire on General Musharraf

17 July 2007
What is the payoff for being a loyal partner in George Bush’s "war on terror"? For Pakistan’s dictator General Musharraf, it means being granted the means to propagate terror yourself.

Paines Plough hosts new playwrights from Pakistan

10 July 2007
Paines Plough is one of the country’s best known touring theatre companies. It is dedicated to discovering, developing and producing new contemporary works for the theatre.

Call for protests against the arrest of Farooq Tariq in Pakistan

15 June 2007
Nine days after his arrest Farooq Tariq, General Secretary Labour Party Pakistan (LPP), was shifted from Central jail, Bahawalpur, to Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore, on Friday 14 June.

The long struggle for justice in Pakistan

22 May 2007
The current political turmoil in Pakistan has its roots in the way the Pakistani state was constructed, and tensions that have been present since its birth.

Pakistan crisis as Musharraf cracks down on protests

15 May 2007
Karachi, Pakistan’s most populated city, has been paralysed for the last week by an outpouring of violence orchestrated by the military regime of general Musharraf, and his political allies in the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). It has left at least 41 people dead.

Pakistan protests throw Musharraf’s regime into crisis

24 March 2007
A growing crisis threatens military rule in Pakistan, a key US ally in the "war on terror".

Tim: Glorifying the Pakistani cricket team

26 August 2006

Oval cricket fiasco: Pakistan have cause to complain

19 August 2006
When bad light stopped play shortly before tea on the penultimate day of the Fourth Test between England and Pakistan, we were disappointed but not surprised, for clouds had been gathering over the Oval cricket ground in south London for some time. Little did we realise how apt this image would be for the coming (metaphorical) storm.

World Social Forum in Pakistan is a success

08 April 2006
Over 30,000 people attended the Karachi World Social Forum (WSF) held in Pakistan from 24 to 29 March.

Pakistan and Kashmir earthquake didn’t get Blair’s compassion

18 March 2006
"Disaster Fatigue" is not unlike "Weapons of Mass Destruction". It is a phrase that has been rammed into the public consciousness quicker than you can say "media spin".

Anti-war protests in India and Pakistan against Bush’s visit

11 March 2006
While a certain corner of our capital was transformed by red carpets in preparation for George Bush’s visit last week, the other corners were lined with banners, placards and posters that reflected the utmost contempt for Bush and his policies.

International round-up

21 January 2006
Protest over torture in Greece Support was growing this week across the Greek labour movement for a demonstration this Saturday over the torture of Pakistani immigrants by the intelligence agency last summer.

Now US kills children in Pakistan

21 January 2006
An act of cold-blooded murder. Not one Western leader would dispute that if it were 18 innocent people in London or New York who were blown apart in the early hours of last Friday.

Greek activists force minister’s resignation

14 January 2006
Christos Markogiannakis, the Greek deputy minister for public order, was forced to resign on Tuesday of this week in the wake of the scandal over the kidnap and torture of 28 Pakistani immigrants by Greek secret services and MI6 last year.

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