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US provokes deep anger in Pakistan

17 May 2011
President Barack Obama’s decision to send a hit squad to assassinate Osama Bin Laden has nudged up his faltering opinion poll ratings at home.

West's leaders are bloody hypocrites

03 May 2011
Around the world newspaper front pages screamed with celebration at the announcement that US forces had killed Osama Bin Laden in his compound in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Poor pay price for West’s agenda

03 May 2011
Western commentators were quick to blame Pakistan for allowing Bin Laden to hide in Abbottabad—a military town just miles from the capital Islamabad.

Bin Laden—from friend to foe of US imperialism

03 May 2011
Osama Bin Laden is often presented as single-handedly controlling world "terrorism" from a bunker in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It is a myth that has suited both Bin Laden and his enemies.

British state aided torture

15 March 2011
Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf has said that the British government gave "tacit approval of whatever we were doing" when torturing British citizens as part of the "war on terror".

Pakistan: new crisis shows horror caused by ‘war on terror’

11 January 2011
The assassination of Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer last week highlights the destabilising effect of the "war on terror".

Jack Straw opens door to racism again

11 January 2011
Jack Straw lent credibility to the barrage of racism in the press when he said that the grooming of young women for sex was, "a specific problem" among Pakistani men. He made the statement after two men were jailed at Nottingham crown court after being found guilty of sexual abuse and rape.

Pakistan: tensions deepen as war spills over

12 October 2010
Nato’s beleaguered Afghan war continued to spill over into Pakistan this week, reigniting tensions between the US and the leaders of its client state.

How corruption is built into capitalism

07 September 2010
The scandal of the Pakistan cricket team’s apparent cheating dominated the news for a week.

The real scandal in Pakistan isn’t cricket

31 August 2010
"It’s a national disaster," screamed the Pakistani press. "The shame that this has brought on the country is almost too much to bear," echoed the country’s top politicians.

Does development cause inequality?

31 August 2010
The floods in Pakistan have exposed the vulnerability and poverty that millions of people still live in.

Stikes hit universities in Pakistan

28 August 2010
Thousands of lecturers and other education workers at Sindh and Karachi universities in Pakistan are on strike after management refused to increase salaries and pay bonuses.

Pakistan flood: US rains down death as villagers starve

28 August 2010
The flooding crisis in Pakistan continues to grow as thousands flee the historic city of Thatta in Sind after the Indus River broke a levee and flooded new areas.

As Pakistan capitulates

25 August 2010
With deprivation-driven brutal class warfare imminent in Pakistan, decision makers in Washington face the all too real prospect of their puppets no longer being able to exercise the influence desperately needed to safeguard the imperialist project from collapsing in south Asia.

The Politics of aid

24 August 2010
Few events expose the moral bankruptcy of capitalism more starkly than the response of our leaders to "natural disasters". This summer the people of Pakistan have suffered floods that have destroyed whole villages and towns, leaving millions of the world’s poorest prey to hunger and disease.

Pakistan: rage grows as flood rescue fails

24 August 2010
Despair is turning to anger in Pakistan as the flooding spreads and the government response continues to fail.

Pakistani flood victims die - but US airbase protected

19 August 2010
One statement by a Pakistani cabinet minister yesterday about the floods has revealed the way ordinary people’s lives are being sacrificed for profit and US imperialism.

Pakistan: Left to die as governments refuse to provide relief

17 August 2010
World leaders are still refusing to release funds that could save lives in Pakistan.

Voice from Pakistan: profit has come before our people’s lives

10 August 2010
‘Cities like Mianwali and Charsadda have been allowed to drown in order to save dams and hydroelectric stations. The reason is that these have either already been privatised or are earmarked for sell-off.

Pakistan floods: Victims betrayed by ruling elites

10 August 2010
The floods across Pakistan threaten the lives and safety of more than 13 million people. But the response has been woefully inadequate—from the Pakistani government and internationally.

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