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Pakistan: the West exported the terror

03 August 2010
IN Pakistan, where millions of the world’s poorest people are desperately battling to survive the aftermath of torrential rain, the words of David Cameron ring hollow.

Tim's view: aid for Pakistan

03 August 2010

Strikers in Pakistan fight back against police

27 July 2010
Around 2,000 workers at a garment factory in Karachi, Pakistan, yesterday fought pitched battles with military police after walking out on strike.

Pakistan: ‘Ordinary people in the cities have not been drawn into sectarian violence’

13 July 2010
The Attempt by US generals in Afghanistan to negotiate some sort of power-sharing arrangement with the Taliban is leading various ethnic groups to jockey for position in a new government – creating an atmosphere of tension and bitter rivalry.

Refugee interviews: ‘People here are nice, but the Home Office treat us like dogs’

16 March 2010
"I can understand why a family here committed suicide. Think about how our lives waste away while we sit and wait in fear," a woman from Pakistan told me.

Workers occupy hotel in Pakistan

16 March 2010
Over 150 workers at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi,Pakistan, are continuing an occupation against the sacking of four union reps and around 100 other workers. They have held the basement of the 5-star hotel for 15 days, despite police raids and bullying threats by security guards.

Pakistan: faultline of the war on terror

15 December 2009
Faced with growing anger in Britain at the bloody war in Afghanistan, prime minister Gordon Brown last month chose to put the blame for its failures on Pakistan.

What is the root of the crisis in Pakistan?

15 December 2009
Pakistan was formed in 1947 when the British Empire partitioned the Indian subcontinent as it withdrew. The new state was proclaimed as a "Muslim nation", but it was made up of six different linguistic groups, each with different traditions.

Map of Pakistan and Afghanistan

15 December 2009

Does war make Britain safer from terrorism?

01 December 2009
"A more stable and secure Afghanistan and Pakistan will help ensure a safer Britain."

Pakistan: state of chaos

20 October 2009
What is happening in Pakistan?

Afghan ‘super-surge’ means more slaughter

13 October 2009
A series of deadly bomb attacks in Pakistan and demands from the US military for a "super surge" in Afghanistan underline the growing instability as the "war on terror" enters its ninth year.

Pakistan: Killing won't stop anger

11 August 2009
The possible assassination of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud by a US drone bomber last week was greeted by shouts of joy in both the US and Islamabad.

Students face deportation

07 July 2009
Nine Pakistani students arrested as "terror suspects" but released without charge in April are now awaiting deportation.

Obama’s war intensifies in Afghanistan and Pakistan

07 July 2009
US and British troops are involved in a bloody fight with insurgents in the southern Helmand province in Afghanistan.

Pakistan army widens its offensive

02 June 2009
The Pakistani army has widened its offensive against insurgents following battles in the Swat Valley in the north of the country.

Pakistan refugees face deepening crisis

26 May 2009
The offensive by the Pakistani military against insurgents in the Swat Valley has created a refugee crisis.

Stop the War public hearing in Manchester

19 May 2009
Around 60 people attended a Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition public hearing last week held in response to the G20 policing and the arrest and detention of Pakistani students.

Pakistan descends further into chaos

12 May 2009
Pakistan’s military offensive on rebels in the Swat Valley marks a dangerous turn for a region reeling from the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s disasters of war

05 May 2009
The Hydra in Greek mythology was a beast with nine heads. When one was cut off another two would grow in its place. This is an apt description of the West’s dilemma in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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