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Pakistan: state of chaos

20 October 2009
What is happening in Pakistan?

Afghan ‘super-surge’ means more slaughter

13 October 2009
A series of deadly bomb attacks in Pakistan and demands from the US military for a "super surge" in Afghanistan underline the growing instability as the "war on terror" enters its ninth year.

Pakistan: Killing won't stop anger

11 August 2009
The possible assassination of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud by a US drone bomber last week was greeted by shouts of joy in both the US and Islamabad.

Students face deportation

07 July 2009
Nine Pakistani students arrested as "terror suspects" but released without charge in April are now awaiting deportation.

Obama’s war intensifies in Afghanistan and Pakistan

07 July 2009
US and British troops are involved in a bloody fight with insurgents in the southern Helmand province in Afghanistan.

Pakistan army widens its offensive

02 June 2009
The Pakistani army has widened its offensive against insurgents following battles in the Swat Valley in the north of the country.

Pakistan refugees face deepening crisis

26 May 2009
The offensive by the Pakistani military against insurgents in the Swat Valley has created a refugee crisis.

Stop the War public hearing in Manchester

19 May 2009
Around 60 people attended a Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition public hearing last week held in response to the G20 policing and the arrest and detention of Pakistani students.

Pakistan descends further into chaos

12 May 2009
Pakistan’s military offensive on rebels in the Swat Valley marks a dangerous turn for a region reeling from the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s disasters of war

05 May 2009
The Hydra in Greek mythology was a beast with nine heads. When one was cut off another two would grow in its place. This is an apt description of the West’s dilemma in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan is caught in logic of the US’s war

28 April 2009
Events in Pakistan last week offered a stark reminder of why the "war on terror" will not go away.

Raids and reports fuel Islamophobia

14 April 2009
A high-profile counter-terrorism raid, in which 12 Pakistani students were arrested on Wednesday of last week, has raised key issues over civil liberties and the "war on terror".

Pakistan: Nato's war escalates

31 March 2009
US president Barack Obama was meeting with representatives of 70 countries in the Hague on Tuesday as Socialist Worker went to press.

US’s new colonial plan for Afghanistan

24 March 2009
Details of Barack Obama’s new strategy for the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan make for grim reading.

Pakistan crisis grows as judge reinstated

17 March 2009
Mass demonstrations in Pakistan have forced the government of Asif Ali Zardari to reinstate judges sacked by the former military ruler Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistan cuts deal with the Taliban

24 February 2009
Is Pakistan going soft in its support for the "war on terror"? That is the fear in the US following the announcement of a "peace deal" brokered between the Pakistani government and Pakistani supporters of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Truce in Pakistan is a blow to US war aims in Afghanistan

17 February 2009
Unmanned US Predator drones are continuing to wreak death in Pakistan’s tribal areas despite a peace deal signed between the government and insurgents in the country.

Mumbai massacre: War threats will only fuel terror

02 December 2008
The horrific terror attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai last week left up to 200 people dead. Countless more ordinary people’s lives will be lost if the tensions in the region escalate into war between India and Pakistan.

A bloody struggle to keep Kashmir partitioned

02 December 2008
The Himalayan valley of Kashmir, which sits on the most northerly border of India and Pakistan, has been a repeated source of tension and war between China, India and Pakistan. But the wishes of those who live there have rarely been considered by those who have fought over it.

Pakistan on the edge

25 November 2008
Pakistan is facing economic collapse. Inflation has soared to a 30-year high and in October its currency plunged to an all-time low.

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