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The war spreads deep into Pakistan

23 September 2008
Who is responsible for the massive blast that levelled the Marriot hotel in Islamabad? Authorities blame Islamic militants, others claim it is a plot by Pakistan’s security services.

John Pilger: This conflict is repeating the historical patterns of imperialism

23 September 2008
Veteran investigative journalist John Pilger is warning that the extension of the Afghanistan war into Pakistan has grim echoes of the past.

Instability in Afghan war grows as the US bombs Pakistan

16 September 2008
The resistance to the occupation of Afghanistan is growing, spreading and winning. In response, a frightened US military is edging closer to war with Pakistan.

Tony Benn: ‘Intensify the campaign’

16 September 2008
"The news that the US is now bombing Pakistan emphasises yet again the appalling dangers that have followed from the so-called ‘war on terror’.

War and poverty - faultlines in Pakistan

02 September 2008
What was the reaction to Musharraf’s resignation?

Pakistan spirals into ever deeper instability

26 August 2008
With US and Nato casualties rising in Afghanistan, Pakistan is coming under yet more pressure to crack down on insurgents around the country's 1,500 mile border with Afghanistan.

Western leaders panic at their plight in Afghanistan

26 August 2008
The occupation of Afghanistan has entered a new and deeper crisis. A rising number of sophisticated attacks on foreign troops, combined with a growing rebellion in Pakistan and Russia's crushing of Nato ally Georgia, have raised the prospect that the occupation is heading for defeat.

Key Bush ally Musharraf forced out of power in Pakistan

19 August 2008
One of George Bush’s favourite dictators fell on his sword this week. Pervez Musharraf, the former general and president of Pakistan, resigned rather than face impeachment by the country’s parliament.

Pakistan military submits to US orders

05 August 2008
The government of Pakistan has agreed to US demands to send its army into the restive border areas with Afghanistan. But it claims it will limit its actions to "special forces" operations involving assassinations of rebel leaders.

Now the war is threatening to spill over into Pakistan

16 July 2008
The war in Afghanistan is spiralling so dangerously out of control that it now threatens to engulf Pakistan, in a process that is being actively encouraged by Nato.

Map: Afghanistan/Pakistan border region

01 July 2008

London protest in defence of Geo TV in Pakistan

17 June 2008
Over 30 people demonstrated outside the London embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday of this week over attempts to prevent the Pakistani TV channel, Geo TV, from broadcasting from Dubai in the UAE.

US meddles in Pakistan’s affairs

13 May 2008
The havoc wreaked by the US’s "war on terror" created further instability in Pakistan this week after Nawaz Sharif and his allies quit the country’s governing coalition on Monday.

MI5 in Pakistan: tortured for lies

29 April 2008
The British MI5 secret service colluded in torture and the Labour government is lying about it. A 33-year old man from Manchester has said that he had three fingernails ripped out after hours of being beaten and whipped.

Migrant catering workers hit by government rules

22 April 2008
Uniting under the banner of "Save Our Livelihood", around 7,000 British Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Turkish catering employers, workers and supporters gathered in Trafalgar Square in central London last Sunday to protest against Britain’s draconian immigration rules.

More trouble for the US in Pakistan

22 April 2008
The US "war on terror" strategy has come so badly unstuck in Pakistan since president Pervez Musharraf was humiliated in February’s election that leading politicians are being forced to push a new conciliatory tone.

Bangladesh 1971: viewing war and resistance from below

15 April 2008
The Bangladesh war of independence against Pakistan in 1971 was a bloody conflict that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Pakistan: Beating of Dr Riaz Ahmed sparks protests against Musharraf's regime

08 April 2008
The savage beating of democracy activist Riaz Ahmed by armed police last week is a mark of how little has changed in Pakistan since February's election rebuffed US-backed dictator Pervez Musharraf.

After the election: Where next for Pakistan?

26 February 2008
President Pervez Musharraf’s humiliating defeat in last week’s elections in Pakistan has created a crisis for Gordon Brown and George Bush, both of whom see the country as a frontline in their fight against "Islamic extremism".

Voices from Pakistan: ‘A revolution has begun’

26 February 2008
"People need to understand that this so-called ‘war on terror’ is not Pakistan’s war – it is the US and Britain’s. Our country is being used just like when we were used against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

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