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Includes letters on Cuba-US relations, GM crops ban, defending abortion rights and more.

Delving deep into our genes—the revolution in molecular biology

Delving deep into our genes—the revolution in molecular biology There is a revolution taking place in molecular biology. Scientist John Parrington spoke to Dave Sewell about his new book that explores the issues for a mass audience

Struggle could change you, genetically speaking

New evidence that our environment shapes our genes should spur us on to change the world, argues John Parrington

Who will benefit from gene breakthrough?

Who will benefit from gene breakthrough? New gene editing technology offers humanity new ways to better treat disease, explains John Parrington

Fred Sanger 1918-2013

Fred Sanger 1918-2013 John Parrington pays tribute to the visionary geneticist who transformed our understanding of the human body and took a principled stand against fascism

A shared human history is written in our genes

Analysing the human genome can give us ammunition against racist myths, argues John Parrington

Genetic technology should be free - and tested

16 July 2013
The term “three parent baby” is misleading but the technology could combat disease, says John Parrington

Firms grab rights to human biology

28 May 2013
US biotechnology company Auxogyn has been granted a patent for basic information about human cells. The data comes from research into IVF treatments. 

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