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Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism

29 August 2021
Nick Clark looks at the US's and Britain's huge defeats in Afghanistan

Feminism, bombs and liberation

28 August 2021
Lies are being spun that most Afghan women’s lives improved under the US occupation. Judy Cox explores the reality for Afghan women after 20 years of war

Philips recalls breathing machines in US but not in Britain

26 August 2021
Medical equipment company Philips has recalled millions of machines used to treat sleep apnoea in the United States because of fears of potential serious harm to users.

State tried to derail Black Lives Matter

24 August 2021
Something of an echo of the establishment panic of the late 1960s is reverberating around the seats of power in Britain and the US.

The firms who made a fortune from the slaughter in Afghanistan

18 August 2021
The US paid private contractors £136 billion, over the eight years to 2019.

Key articles on the defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan

18 August 2021
Here are some of our key articles written as the regime in Afghanistan collapsed, a grievous defeat for British and US imperialism

Earthquake causes new devastation across Haiti

17 August 2021
As Haiti is struck by earthquakes, Sam Ord explores the damage that imperialism has done

What we said as the war began in Afghanistan

17 August 2021
In September 2001, as the West moved to start bombing Afghanistan, Socialist Worker spoke out against the war. This was our editorial comment

What does Afghan defeat mean for US imperialism?

17 August 2021
The words of US president Joe Biden have come back to haunt him awfully quickly.

The Taliban—terror that the US made

08 August 2021
The Taliban movement is retaking control of Afghanistan after two decades of Western occupation. Nick Clark explores the group

Lessons of the US strike in the skies 40 years ago

07 August 2021
It’s forty years since the US air traffic controllers’ strike— and its terrible defeat. Socialist Worker looks back at the dispute and assesses prospects for US unions today

Occupation wrong answer in Afghanistan

03 August 2021
The people responsible for wrecking Afghanistan are now wringing their hands at the chaos that they have left behind.

Delta variant outbreaks around the world show new Covid danger

03 August 2021
The US’s chief medical adviser has warned that “things will get worse” as coronavirus cases soar

What’s behind the right’s war on Critical Race Theory?

03 August 2021
Why is a low level war raging in the US on the subject of Critical Race Theory?

Back the protests in Cuba, but beware US imperialism

12 July 2021
Mass protests in Cuba are prompted by real grievances. Sophie Squire looks at the revolt but warns of the forces that will try to use them

School climate strikes called as heatwave hits

06 July 2021
Youth Climate group Fridays for Future has announced a global climate strike on 24 September.

Good riddance to Donald Rumsfeld

05 July 2021
“Donald Rumsfeld never loses.” James Mann in his book about George W Bush’s war cabinet, The Rise of the Vulcans, calls this “an old bit of folk wisdom that has been quietly passed around among Republicans for decades”.

Afghanistan—a bloody failure for US imperialism

05 July 2021
With the last US troops set to leave Afghanistan, Socialist Worker looks at how president Joe Biden is dealing with their defeat

Heatwave driven by climate change smashes temperature records

30 June 2021
The death toll is rising as a heatwave continues to sweep parts of the US and Canada.

US paramilitary training for Khashoggi assassins

29 June 2021
Four Saudis who participated in the 2018 killing of columnist Jamal Khashoggi received paramilitary ­training in the United States the ­previous year under a contract approved by the US State Department.

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