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North Carolina killings reveal double standards when victims are Muslims

17 February 2015
Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha were shot and killed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, last week for one reason—they were Muslims.

When we invited Malcolm X to Smethwick

17 February 2015
Avtar Singh Jouhl invited Malcolm X to Smethwick days before his assassination fifty years ago. He spoke to Ken Olende about the visit’s impact on the fight against racism

Nationwide refinery strike hits big US oil companies

10 February 2015
Oil refinery workers in the United States have walked out in their first national strike in 35 years.

Selma: politically astute portrait brings a movement to life

03 February 2015
The film Selma depicts the events leading up to Dr Martin Luther King’s historic march from Selma, Alabama, to the capital Montgomery.

The civil rights struggle in Selma

03 February 2015
A protest for voting rights shows how the Civil Rights movement radicalised and spread even after Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, as a new film celebrates, writes Ken Olende

The fight to save Rodney Reed from death row

03 February 2015
The state of Texas plans to execute Rodney Reed despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. His brother Rodrick Reed spoke to Annette Mackin about the fight to grant him clemency

Ferguson Solidarity Tour discusses taking on state racism

03 February 2015
“What we need to do,” Patrisse Cullors told us, “is to shut shit down”. 

US and Saudi Arabia: Dysfunctional partners depend on each other for survival

27 January 2015
Many were nauseated by the sight of the British government flying flags at half mast in honour of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, writes Alex Callinicos

Ferguson solidarity tour comes to Britain

20 January 2015
Reverend Osagyefo Sekou, a leading figure in the #blacklivesmatter protests in the US, is coming to Britain this week for a Ferguson solidarity tour.

US interference in Afghanistan leaves thousands living in misery

20 January 2015
Six months after his turbulent election president Ashraf Ghani has finally formed a government in Afghanistan.

New York cops ramp up backlash against civil rights protests

06 January 2015
US cops have launched an offensive against calls for an end to police brutality, writes Annette Mackin

US to end 55-year embargo of Cuba

06 January 2015
The US government has finally agreed to re-establish full diplomatic ties with Cuba. The two countries are set to exchange ambassadors for the first time since 1961.

Campaigner says ‘Never stop fighting’ as George Stinney Jnr’s racist murder conviction overturned after 70 years

21 December 2014
Annette Mackin spoke to Ray L Brown, one of the activists who has succeeded in getting black teenager George Stinney’s murder conviction quashed 70 years after his execution

Anger at police racism spreads across US

16 December 2014
Tens of thousands of people protested in cities across the US last weekend to demand justice for victims of police racism.

Hundreds protest at Westfield in solidarity with US anti-racist demonstrations

11 December 2014
Around 400 people held a die-in yesterday evening, Wednesday, at west London’s plush Westfield shopping centre.

Low paid workers strike back in US

09 December 2014
Homecare, airport, gas station and convenience store workers joined fast food workers in a strike for better pay and union rights on Thursday of last week

Britain and the US have always used torture

09 December 2014
The problem wasn’t carrying out torture. It was that releasing a report into torture might increase the chance of terrorism.

Fresh anger in US as cop cleared of Eric Garner killing

09 December 2014
Cities and university campuses across the US have erupted in fury after yet another white cop has avoided charges for killing a black man.

The assassination of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton

02 December 2014
Fred Hampton, leader of the Black Panther Party in Illinois, was gunned down by police on 4 December 1969. He was just 21.

Serious flaws in testimony of Michael Brown's killer Darren Wilson

02 December 2014
Thousands protested across the US last week over the decision not to charge Darren Wilson, the cop who killed black teenager Michael Brown in August.

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