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Strikes and protests make an Unhappy meal for fast food fat cats

19 April 2016
Campaigners from the Fast Food Rights campaign and the Bfawu union took action across Britain last Thursday. They targeted McDonald’s in solidarity with striking McDonald’s workers in the US.

New mood of opposition sweeps United States

19 April 2016
The United States is changing, and there were three examples of this in recent days. There has been a big strike, a civil disobedience movement and huge turnouts at rallies for Bernie Sanders.

A great social process is being revealed by the US presidential race

12 April 2016
Media coverage of the US presidential elections is dominated by talk of primaries, caucuses, and delegate numbers. But behind the complex details a great social process is being revealed.

US sends B-52 bombers to attack Iraq

12 April 2016
The US Air Force has sent B-52 bombers to its air base in Qatar. They will be used in Iraq and Syria.

Victory for Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin as he turns up the heat on Hillary Clinton

06 April 2016
Bernie Sanders has won the primary in the state of Wisconsin to decide the Democratic candidate for the US presidency.

Striking Chicago teachers say funding crisis takes the biscuit

05 April 2016
A teachers’ strike in the US has gained widespread support, reports Kristine Mayle from Chicago Teachers Union Local 1 branch

Chicago teachers on strike show mood for change in the United States

05 April 2016
Chicago teachers are on strike today, Friday, to try to win more funding to save education in the city

US elections - before Bernie Sanders came Eugene Debs

05 April 2016
Bernie Sanders is not the first person to define themselves as a socialist and make a big electoral impact in the US. Charlie Kimber looks at Eugene Debs and Upton Sinclair

Sanders wins two out of three US states by big margins

23 March 2016
 BERNIE SANDERS won overwhelmingly two of the three states that voted yesterday, Tuesday, to choose the Democratic Party candidate for US president. Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, is still finding a big audience for his message that the political and economic system is broken and needs to change.

International news round-up

22 March 2016
Protests against Donald Trump in the US elections continue, as does Israel's brutal repression and violence against the Palestinians

Huge votes keep Bernie Sanders in race for the White House

16 March 2016
Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, won huge support in voting to decide who will be the Democratic Party’s candidate for US president yesterday, Tuesday. 

Syria: revolt can bring hope

15 March 2016
From the US to Russia, the world’s imperialist powers are carving up Syria at the Vienna “peace conference”.

The bleakest of views from Inside Obama’s White House

15 March 2016
A new documentary series examines the legacy of Obama’s presidency, laying bare its failure to deliver the change it promised, writes Josh Hollands

Protests spark chaos at Trump rallies in US

15 March 2016
The Chicago protests marked a shift—and put Donald Trump on the defensive, says?Charlie Kimber

Bernie Sanders’ shock wins keep coming in US election race

09 March 2016
Bernie Sanders’ extraordinary win in the starte of Michigan yesterday, Tuesday, was described by a respected analyst as “one of the greatest shockers in presidential primary history”.

Republican voters could trump elite

08 March 2016
Donald Trump’s sweeping victories in the US primary elections on “Super Tuesday”—last week—has thrown the Republican Party into “a state of pandemonium”, according to the Washington Post newspaper.

Does breaking the glass ceiling liberate women?

08 March 2016
Sadie Robinson looks at what difference electing a woman president would have in the fight against sexism

Clinton and Trump ahead in US election race but Super Tuesday tells us more

02 March 2016
The results of the voting yesterday, Tuesday, in the United States are almost universally portrayed as a crushing victory for Hilary Clinton on the Democratic party side and Donald Trump for the Republicans. It’s not that simple.

Reviews round-up

23 February 2016
Leonardo da Vinci: Mechanics of Genius at the Science Museum | America in Revolt: the Art of Protest at the Shapero Modern | The Glass Bead Game podcasts

How defiant dancers took on the bigotry of the US South

23 February 2016
Students organising an openly gay dance in the Ku Klux Klan’s heartland helped to create a new era, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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