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US leaders backed cruel treatment

23 April 2013
It is “indisputable” that the US government used torture after 11 September 2001—and top officials are ultimately to blame.

US rhetoric and sanctions ramp up dangerous tension with North Korea

05 April 2013
North Korea recently issued a “No.1 combat readiness alert” announcing that the “North and South are at war”. Leader Kim Jong-un also put his strategic missile units on standby for launch.

No peace at Brooklyn vigil

21 March 2013
Almost 50 people have been arrested in Brooklyn, New York, after attending a peace vigil in memory of 16 year old Kimani Gray.

US economic deal will hit ordinary workers and protect the rich

05 January 2013
US politicians agreed a deal on the economy last week amid panic that failure to do so would lead to economic disaster.

We're lovin' burger strike

04 December 2012
Fast food workers across New York struck on Thursday of last week, demanding a pay rise and the right to join unions.

Pre-trial hearing held for US army private Bradley Manning

04 December 2012
After more than 900 days in custody US army private Bradley Manning finally got to testify at his army pre-trial hearing in Maryland last week.

Obama's re-election: hopes of the poor and profits of the rich

13 November 2012
Barack Obama’s re-election is undoubtedly the best outcome for American capitalism.

Obama's re-election: myths and reality

08 November 2012
"We are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people," said Barack Obama in his victory speech after winning his second term as US president.

Obama delivered nothing, and now he promises nothing

07 November 2012
Romney lost. Good. I’m relieved. I’m American, and I could have voted for Obama. I didn't. But I’m still relieved.

Americans deserve better than either Obama or Romney

16 October 2012
As the US presidential election approaches, both camps are drafting in volunteers to phone people and persuade them to vote on 6 November.

US presidential election campaign narrows the public debate

11 September 2012
Barack Obama told the Democratic Party’s national convention that in the coming election, voters "face the clearest choice of any time in a generation."

Chicago teachers walk out to stop mayor's union-busting

11 September 2012
Around 26,000 teachers and support workers in Chicago, US, walked out this Monday for the first time in 25 years.

Once upon a time in America

24 July 2012
In March 1928, Richard Mellon told a congressional committee in Washington DC that you could not mine coal without machine guns.

US healthcare reform is an important step forward

03 July 2012
The US Supreme Court ruled last week that the healthcare reform passed two years ago—the Affordable Care Act—is constitutional.

Know your enemy: Mitt Romney

15 May 2012
Mitt RomneyUS Republican presidential candidate

Divided States of America

08 May 2012
There was a moment, shortly after the primaries in South Carolina and just before Florida, when the Republicans hit the crest of absurdity.

Hoodies rally in New York after death of black teen Trayvon Martin

27 March 2012
Thousands of black and white protesters took to the streets of New York on Wednesday of last week. They wore hooded tops and chanted "We are all Trayvon Martin" in protest at the slaying of a black teenager in Florida last month.

Republic Windows workers occupy again—and win again

28 February 2012
Workers at a Chicago factory staged a 12-hour occupation on Thursday of last week—and won an agreement that will save their jobs for at least 90 days.

US elections: Republicans send in the clowns

10 January 2012
The Republican primaries in the US—the long process that decides who the party’s presidential candidate will be—started in the Midwestern state of Iowa last week. The contest moved on to New Hampshire this Tuesday.

Mumia Abu-Jamal's death sentence dropped

13 December 2011
Former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal no longer faces the death penalty after 30 years on death row.

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