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Obama fails a foreign policy test

17 March 2009
Barack Obama was elected on a wave of hope and the expectation of a clean break with the disastrous policies of George Bush.

Death on the US-Mexico border

03 March 2009
Enrique Morones is the founder of Border Angels, a group of activists helping migrants who make the hazardous journey across the border from Mexico to the US. He is taking crosses to the rows of "John Does" graves.

Jess Hurd’s photos of the US-Mexico border

03 March 2009

Latinos face a rising tide of hostility

03 March 2009
Immigrant Latinos in the US are facing a tough and worrying future.

The real change facing Obama

17 February 2009
Barack Obama’s administration is starting to put itself about internationally. Having stayed away from the World Economic Forum in Davos, the US sent a high-powered delegation headed by Vice-President Joe Biden to the Munich security conference the weekend before last.

Barack Obama and the order to close Guantanamo

27 January 2009
US president Barack Obama has issued a number of executive orders in his first week in office that distance him from his predecessor George Bush – on Guantanamo Bay, stem cell research, reproductive rights and climate change.

Barack Obama sworn in amid hope and uncertainty

20 January 2009
Thousands of Americans have travelled to Washington DC this week to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new US president.

A conflict of interests in Obama's different supporters

20 January 2009
The fundamental test that Obama faces is not so much about the timescale or extent of his policy changes, but about the conflicting bases of his underlying support.

Barack Obama faces tough tasks on economy

13 January 2009
As US president-elect Barack Obama prepares for his inauguration next Tuesday the impact of the recession on the US grows more severe by the day.

Anger at Obama's silence over Gaza slaughter

13 January 2009
Barack Obama was elected on a wave of hope following eight years of the warmongering neoliberal George Bush.

Response to police shooting shows US society is a tinderbox

13 January 2009
News of the shooting of Oscar Grant by Bay Area Rapid Transit (Bart) police in Oakland on New Year’s Day has made its way around the world.

Occupation at US university

19 December 2008
We have just occupied New School University.

US factory occupation shows way to beat attacks

15 December 2008
Workers who took over and occupied their Chicago factory have won a startling victory.

Worries for car workers

09 December 2008
The US Congress and the White House seem set to finalise an emergency $15 billion short-term loan to keep the General Motors (GM), Chrysler and Ford car companies afloat.

Soaring job losses intensify crisis in US

09 December 2008
Workers in the US are facing mounting attacks on their pay, jobs, pensions and services as the recession grows ever deeper.

US bank bailout doubled but recession continues

02 December 2008
News that the US economy has been in recession for a year will come as little surprise to millions of Americans facing job losses and home repossession.

Barack Obama is drinking from two cups

25 November 2008
US president-elect Barack Obama has put forward a "stimulus" package for the US economy that makes chancellor Alistair Darling’s pre-budget proposals taste like weak milky tea.

Key issues facing Obama as he becomes president

11 November 2008
The widespread exhilaration at Barack Obama’s victory will be tempered by fear that his administration will not make the radical changes that so many are demanding.

Early policy plans show conflicting pressures on Obama

11 November 2008
Some of the names being touted for Barack Obama’s cabinet show the twin pressures faced by the new president. Many people will find little comfort in his selections.

US voices for change

11 November 2008
Jim Baldridge – Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Baltimore ‘I went with a busload of union members from Maryland to Richmond, Virginia, to support the Obama campaign.

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