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Trump wants speedy and deadly return to work

28 April 2020
Donald Trump is pushing for the US to get back to work as soon as possible

New government in Israel poses a fresh threat to Palestinians

22 April 2020
After more than a year of political deadlock, Israel is set for a new government committed to annexing huge chunks of the Palestinian West Bank.

Trump piles on pressure to end the US lockdown

20 April 2020
US president Donald Trump is ramping up attempts to force people back to work even as coronavirus sweeps the country and deaths mount.

Mass graves in United States

13 April 2020
US president Donald Trump last week said that he wants to kickstart the economy with a “big bang”.

US workers on strike as Trump backs big bosses

06 April 2020
Fresh walkouts launched across the US as Trump says that hundreds of thousands should die for profit

US workers stage walkouts and protests over coronavirus safety

26 March 2020
Workers’ action is spreading across the US to stop bosses putting profit ahead of health in the coronavirus crisis. 

Donald Trump’s corona crisis measures are handout for the rich

24 March 2020
Trillions of dollars for a coronavirus aid package in the United States is mainly about protecting profits, writes Gabby Thorpe

Democrats unite against left wing Bernie Sanders

17 March 2020
It is now almost certain that Joe Biden will be the Democratic party nominee for president.

LETTERS - Chelsea Manning gives an example of heroic courage

17 March 2020
Chelsea Manning, released from prison last week, is a hero.

Bosses’ virus fears are only for profits

09 March 2020
“New data paint grim picture of coronavirus fallout,” read a headline in the Financial Times newspaper last week. My heart sank when I saw it. But when I anxiously scanned the article, it wasn’t about the spread of the coronavirus or the deaths it is causing.

U.S. Democrats will not bring real change

09 March 2020
Time and again radical movements for change have looked to the Democrats to fight for them, but have being bitterly betrayed. Tomáš Tengely-Evans and Gabby Thorpe argue today’s activists must not make the same mistake

Dark Waters - the fight against Dupont

09 March 2020
US chemical company Dupont spent years dumping the acid PFOA in a landfill in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Afghan deal is a blow for West’s imperialism

03 March 2020
When the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, CIA officer Milton Bearden warned it could “end up on the ash heap of Afghan history”.

International round-up - Win for Sanders and First Nation protests in pipeline

25 February 2020
Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate after a landslide victory in Nevada last Saturday.

Thanks from super-rich criminals as Donald Trump hands them pardons

25 February 2020
US President Donald Trump pardoned a clutch of super-rich criminals last week including “junk-bond king” Michael Milken.

After Sanders wins New Hampshire, bosses fear ‘idea of socialism is gaining traction’

12 February 2020
Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic US presidential primary. His victory came after he won the highest number of votes in Iowa last week.

International round-up—Protests in Germany beat back right and US elections

11 February 2020
Mass pressure from below has blocked the further entry of the far right AfD party into German mainstream politics.

Du Bois’s graphics challenged racism

07 February 2020
These posters showed that black Americans—and their art, culture and education—were flourishing in just four decades after the civil war that ended slavery

Sanders wins most votes in Iowa with message of change

06 February 2020
With all the votes counted in the Democratic caucus in Iowa, Bernie Sanders has won the highest number of votes.

Trump’s state of the union speech was a celebration of racism and the rich

05 February 2020
Donald Trump gave his state of the union address on Tuesday evening, spurred on by the prospect of unsuccessful attempts by his opponents to impeach him.

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