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Iowa vote launches Democrats into chaos

04 February 2020
Bernie Sanders is proving to be a challenge to the Democratic Party establishment, says Gabby Thorpe

Britain in firing line of US-EU trade war

28 January 2020
China and the United States have agreed to a truce in the trade war they have been waging for the past two years. What is supposed to be “phase one” of a larger trade deal was signed in Washington last week.

Hunger for change feeds Bernie Sanders campaign

26 January 2020
Bernie Sanders’ campaign to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for US president is winning real enthusiasm as the process to choose the nominee begins.

Rage against sexist Trump as tens of thousands join US Women’s Marches

19 January 2020
Up to 10,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Washington DC for the fourth annual US Women's March on Saturday. 

Why Donald Trump can’t win in Iran

14 January 2020
It’s clear who the losers were in the confrontation between the United States and Iran.

Iranians take to the streets after a week of war threats

14 January 2020
Protests burst out in Iran last Saturday after the regime admitted to accidentally shooting down a passenger plane.

Trump threatens devastating war after US assassinates an Iranian leader

03 January 2020
In a massive warmongering escalation, a US airstrike murdered general Qassem Soleimani

Opioids in the US - a crisis prescribed by profit

02 January 2020
The US is in the grip of a huge health epidemic so big that it is killing more than 130 people a day.

International round-up—Get Trump out of the White House

16 December 2019
The US House of Representatives was set to vote on whether to impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday of this week.

Protesters tell racist bigot Donald Trump he’s not welcome in Britain

03 December 2019
Some 2,000 protesters took to the streets on Tuesday in London to demonstrate against Donald Trump's visit and the Nato warmongers' summit

Twenty years since the great Seattle anti-capitalist revolt

30 November 2019
On 30 November 1999 demonstrations, street occupations and riots at a meeting of the World Trade Organisation signalled the birth of a new opposition to the people at the top of the political and economic system.

Motherless Brooklyn—a feast for film noir fans old and new

26 November 2019
Edward Norton’s new film is an ode to past classics that also takes a fresh look at the inequality and corruption of today

Ukraine shows splits in the US ruling class

26 November 2019
There’s a large element of accident in how Ukraine has come to dominate the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump

The Irishman—an unsettling and melancholy film about age and regret

18 November 2019
The Irishman has everything you’d want from a Scorsese gangster film, writes Simon Basketter, but there’s humour and sadness amid the violence

Cracks in US ruling class are chance to dump Donald Trump

17 November 2019
US establishment figures hope they can impeach Trump over ‘Ukrainegate’. We need to go beyond their narrow differences, writes Gabby Thorpe

California wildfire chaos wrecks lives

05 November 2019
In California, the mansions of the rich are better protected against climate catastrophe than ordinary people. Changing that means challenging the logic of profit, writes Sarah Bates

General Motors strike ends with dodgy deal

29 October 2019
A strike by nearly 50,000 General Motors (GM) workers ended last Friday, as the UAW union ratified a new contract with the firm.

GM auto strikers debate new deal, while Chicago teachers take action

22 October 2019
Workers at General Motors (GM) plants and factories across the US are voting on a tentative deal

International round-up - US car workers’ strike continues

15 October 2019
Bosses at General Motors n the US offered a new contract, as a strike of nearly 50,000 workers entered its fifth week

International round-up: Trump keeps up attacks on migrants

08 October 2019
Trump keeps up attacks on migrants

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