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Public Sector Strikes

Day of massive strikes planned in France

Day of massive strikes planned in France The seven French trade union federations that called the massive day of public sector strikes and demonstrations on 22 March have called for another day of general action on 22 May.

GALLERY - France: workers revolt against Macron

France: workers revolt against Macron On 22 March public sector workers and railworkers struck and demonstrated against France's President Macron. 

Half a million children in poverty because of Tory pay and benefit cuts

Half a million children in poverty because of Tory pay and benefit cuts One in seven children of public sector workers will be living in poverty by the end of March, unions have warned.

We can smash Tories' pay cap

We can smash Tories pay cap Workers rallied against the Tories’ 1 percent public sector pay cap as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Unions launch ballots to fight the Tories’ pay cap

Unions launch ballots to fight the Tories’ pay cap Up to 2,000 people marched against the public sector pay cap in Edinburgh last Saturday.

Royal College of Nursing announces a "summer of protest" over public sector pay cap

Royal College of Nursing announces a summer of protest over public sector pay cap The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) announces a “summer of protest” over the Tories’ 1 percent pay cap.

Latest strike figures show a drop - but they don’t tell the whole story

09 August 2016
Official figures show a sharp drop in the number of working days “lost” to strikes in 2015 compared to 2014. But the figures don’t necessarily show a recent shift in class struggle.

HMRC announces 150 compulsory redundancies - union must call action

23 February 2016
In an escalation of the attack on civil service workers, bosses at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) issued 150 compulsory redundancy notices on Tuesday of last week.

Tories announce more attacks on trade unions

11 August 2015
Tories announced plans on Thursday of last week to scrap the automatic union subscription deduction “check-off” for 3.8 million public sector workers | New research shows how the Tory anti-union laws in the Trade Union Bill could stop workers’ exercising their right to strike.

Do health workers have the power to hit the bosses?

06 January 2015
Not all workers are exploited in the same way—but capitalism still needs their work, and that gives them power to hit back

The Tories’ NHS cash pledge can’t mask their assault on the NHS

02 December 2014
Tory chancellor George Osborne has claimed that the government will give the NHS a £2 billion “lifeline”.

Unite to build resistance to the Tories’ austerity

04 November 2014
Hundreds of union militants will gather at the Unite the Resistance conference later this month to debate how we get united action against the Tories.

Reject rotten local government pay proposal

04 November 2014
The Unison, GMB and Unite unions are holding a consultative ballot of local government members in England and Wales over pay. 

Unite the Resistance event is a chance to build fightback

14 October 2014
The suspension of this week’s local government strike underlines the need for rank and file organisation to hold union leaders to account.

Turn the heat up on the Tories - build more strikes to beat back austerity

07 October 2014
Poverty pay has put some public sector workers who provide essential services to millions of people on the minimum wage.

Strike back to beat Tory pay cuts

30 September 2014
A series of successful strikes by workers across different unions can boost confidence to take on the Tories—and counter pressure on union leaders to retreat, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Let’s seize the chance and escalate the strikes to stop the Tories’ attacks

15 July 2014
The 10 July strike was the biggest walkout over pay the Tories have faced since taking office. Here is Socialist Worker’s highlights from the day taken from reports sent to us from the picket lines as strikers filled town and city squares, and the arguments that were made for the way forward

10 July strike is chance to take on the Tories

24 June 2014
The Tories like nothing more than an opportunity to drive down living standards for working class people. Some 800,000 public sector jobs have been slashed since they took office.

Let's all strike for better pay on July 10

17 June 2014
Local government workers are up for a fight at the Unison union's conference, and civil service workers are protesting outside their workplaces

Local government pay ballot could boost united walkouts

20 May 2014
The possibility of more than a million workers striking together in July has moved a step closer. The GMB union announced on Friday of last week that it is balloting 220,000 of its members in local government and schools over whether to strike over attacks on their pay.

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