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Egypt in revolt

'Unions need to raise workers' demands in Egypt'

09 July 2013
I speak in a personal capacity, not on behalf of the unions, because whenever there is a split in society, there’s one within the unions says Fatma Ramadan

Egypt - a second revolution sweeps out a president

09 July 2013
Ordinary people in Egypt have shown their power—but the army wants to stifle it, writes Judith Orr

Egypt - 'People have gained huge confidence'

09 July 2013
Revolutionary Socialist Sameh Naguib reported from Cairo the day after protests forced out president Mohamed Mursi

Occupy the squares: stand firm in the face of the conspiracy by the Brotherhood and America

06 July 2013
Statement from the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt, 6 July 2013

Egypt: Four days that shook the world

05 July 2013
Sameh Naguib of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt looks at the historic events of the past few days

Second revolution brings down Egypt's president

04 July 2013
Sameh Naguib of the Revolutionary Socialists reports from Cairo, where mass celebrations greeted the removal of president Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday evening

Egypt's revolution in a small town

02 July 2013
The return of millions to the streets of Egypt on 30 June follows months of rising social protest. Anne Alexander reports on the continuing revolution that is growing in strength well beyond Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Struggle from below drives Egypt's revolt

02 July 2013
The Egyptian masses have shown, once again, that they have the power to shake the rich and powerful. 

Protests spread across Egypt

02 July 2013
Across Egypt protesters targeted the local headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party. 

The masses speak: Egypt's revolution erupts

02 July 2013
Mass protests in Egypt last Sunday were the beginning of a second revolution, writes Sameh Naguib of the Revolutionary Socialists, Cairo

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