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What’s behind the turmoil in Tunisia?

What’s behind the turmoil in Tunisia? Ten years since the revolution Tunisia is facing a coup. Nick Clark explains how corruption, Covid and parliamentary betrayals have fed support for a new government

Greensill scandal report does its job and says little

Greensill scandal report does its job and says little A report into the disgraced ­financier Lex Greensill’s relations with the government has only mildly criticised former Tory prime minister David Cameron—and handily blamed someone who is dead.

Big pharma caught over charging and missing tax

Big pharma caught over charging and missing tax Top drug companies have been found guilty of increasing the price of a life-saving steroid treatment by more than 10,000 per cent and ­paying rivals to stay out of the market.

You don’t have to sleep with a Tory to get a job

You don’t have to sleep with a Tory to get a job At least 16 individuals with close ties to the Tories, including donors, peers and former MPs, have been given lucrative oversight jobs in key Whitehall departments.

Why the cops are corrupt to the core

Why the cops are corrupt to the core The inquiry into the investigations into the murder of Daniel Morgan declared last week that the Metropolitan Police is ‘institutionally corrupt’. Simon Basketter explains why fraud is built into the police

Morgan verdict as damning ‘as the Macpherson report’

Morgan verdict as damning ‘as the Macpherson report’  The Metropolitan Police is “institutionally corrupt”. That is the condemning conclusion of an eight-year inquiry into a notorious murder case.

The Troublemaker—‘Unlawful’ to hand contract to firm run by Tories’ friends

15 June 2021
Tory cabinet minister Michael Gove broke the law when the government handed a £560,000 Covid-19 contract to a business he had “personal connections” with.

Protesters confront failing politicians at G7 summit

12 June 2021
Protesters raged at the G7 world leaders’ summit in Cornwall on Friday and Saturday at the start of a weekend of resistance.

Huge anger at the Tories lies just beneath the surface

08 June 2021
"The Banality of evil” is a phrase coined by the philosopher Hannah Arendt when she was covering the trial of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

The Peasants’ Revolt—when people fought corruption

05 June 2021
In 1381 thousands of peasants stormed London and demanded change from the king. Nick Clark explains why the Peasants’ Revolt holds important lessons 640 years on

Daniel Morgan murder report censored

25 May 2021
Daniel Morgan was killed with an axe in 1987. Socialist Worker has long argued that the murder and its cover-up lies at the heart of the phone hacking scandal and much more. The police admitted to corruption in the first of the investigations into the murder.

Lord Lister and the loan for property developers

18 May 2021
Homes England is a government agency set up with the purpose of funding “affordable homes”. It met on 9 May 2019 to consider a request from a luxury property company for a £187 million publicly-backed loan.

Cops in Dalian Atkinson case ‘colluded’, court hears

11 May 2021
The two West Mercia police officers, on trial over the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson in August 2016, have been accused of “collusion”.

Colombian protesters and strikers face down corrupt president Duque

09 May 2021
Protests and strikes have erupted throughout Colombia in response to assaults by right wing president Ivan Duque. 

The Troublemaker — UPS takes spy in the cab to a whole new exploitative level

27 April 2021
A worker for delivery firm UPS has revealed a hellish new surveillance plan from bosses.

Greensill scandal is still shaking establishment

20 April 2021
The Greensill Capital scandal continues to ensnare top members of the establishment.

Greensill—corruption at the heart of the system

16 April 2021
The scandal of former prime ministers joining with top civil servants to lobby the government for private sector gains grows hotter by the day. Sadie Robinson gathers what we know so far, and concludes that the problem is deeply rooted in capitalism

Greensill revelations show how a corrupt system aids the rich

12 April 2021
A revolving door between ministers and private firms helps the rich hold onto their cash—and democracy means little in the networks that shape governments, says Charlie Kimber

The Troublemaker—Deadly chemicals buried across Wales

12 April 2021
Toxic waste including mustard gas is buried among more than 1,500 disused landfill sites across Wales.

The Troublemaker —Open the books of Tory MP who made cash off slavery

06 April 2021
A Tory MP whose family made millions through slavery has amended his accounts and ­financial declaration-—again.

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