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Greensill scandal is still shaking establishment

20 April 2021
The Greensill Capital scandal continues to ensnare top members of the establishment.

Greensill—corruption at the heart of the system

16 April 2021
The scandal of former prime ministers joining with top civil servants to lobby the government for private sector gains grows hotter by the day. Sadie Robinson gathers what we know so far, and concludes that the problem is deeply rooted in capitalism

Greensill revelations show how a corrupt system aids the rich

12 April 2021
A revolving door between ministers and private firms helps the rich hold onto their cash—and democracy means little in the networks that shape governments, says Charlie Kimber

The Troublemaker—Deadly chemicals buried across Wales

12 April 2021
Toxic waste including mustard gas is buried among more than 1,500 disused landfill sites across Wales.

The Troublemaker —Open the books of Tory MP who made cash off slavery

06 April 2021
A Tory MP whose family made millions through slavery has amended his accounts and ­financial declaration-—again.

Protests in Russia take aim at Putin and poverty

01 February 2021
Alexei Navalny supporters are on the streets but have no more to offer working people than Vladimir Putin

How government cronies were gifted a fast track to PPE profits

19 November 2020
An official investigation has found that firms with political connections were ten times more likely to win contracts.

The Troublemaker—For Serco test failures the profits are still world-beating

20 October 2020
Outsourcing firm Serco has announced its profits are set to soar after being paid to operate NHS Test and Trace in England.

Testing flops and firms profit from the virus

06 August 2020
The latest test and trace figures for England, released on Thursday, are another record of disaster.

Tories protect their own amid allegations of corruption

28 June 2020
It’s not only Dominic Cummings that Boris Johnson has refused to sack. He is also protecting housing secretary Robert Jenrick, despite repeated allegations of what looks like corruption.

10,000 protesters take on far right Slovenian government

31 May 2020
There have been six weeks of protests against the prime minister

Revolt in Haiti grows against shortages, corruption and US

01 October 2019
Months of protests have developed into an uprising that has the potential to bring down the Haitian president

Reports of child abuse are shaped by media hypocrisy

23 July 2019
Peter Bornshin suffered sexual abuse while in the care of social services in the early 1980s. He was tormented by his experiences at the Grafton Close Children’s Home, west London.

The criminal legacy of the London Olympics

23 July 2019
A new book exposes the corruption and dodgy deals behind the 2012 Olympic Games in London, writes Simon Basketter

US court cases bring corruption scandal closer to Donald Trump

22 August 2018
Donald Trump surrounded himself with crooks and thieves during his 2016 presidential election campaign. Two court cases taking place in the US prove it. They give glimpses into the rottenness of the world Trump inhabits and his presidency.

New book shows how police failings helped cover up Rotherham abuse

22 April 2018
Sammy Woodhouse was key to exposing a child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham – and the failures of the police and other authorities to act on abuse.

The spy at the heart of the Lawrence campaign

22 April 2018
Days before the 25th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder, we learned a little more about how the state used spies to undermine the Lawrence family.

McMafia brings the bosses’ infighting to our TV screens

09 January 2018
McMafia grapples with the differences between “good” and “bad” capitalism—and makes thrilling drama at the same time.

Labour councillors wanted bribes for planning permission, tape suggests

12 December 2017
Labour politicians in Tower Hamlets, east London, have been accused of arranging to accept bribes from property developers.

The Troublemaker - For lobbyists, ‘It’s time for us to start doing Labour again’

05 September 2017
Lobbyists are slowly moving towards Labour.

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