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Who killed Daniel Morgan? Corrupt cops, journalists and a south London murder

23 May 2017
Daniel Morgan was murdered on 10 March 1987. His body was found in a car park in south London.

Protests pile pressure on South African president and miners in Ukraine fight back

16 May 2017
South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was facing a vote of no confidence in parliament this week—just as protests surged in areas around the largest city Johannesburg.

Tories launch secret plans to stop your secret messages

09 May 2017
The Tories don’t understand encryption so they are trying to get rid of it.

Corruption crisis could bring down South African president Jacob Zuma

04 April 2017
Protests in South Africa have rocked the state and could topple the president, writes Charlie Kimber

South Korea - a state built for empires

21 March 2017
After a corrupt president, a mystic adviser and a giant firm were all humbled by revolt, Simon Basketter looks at how US imperialism, profit and dictatorship shaped South Korea

Protests in Romania call for the government to go

07 February 2017
A government decree watering down punishments for corruption has sparked large scale protests with thousands taking to the streets.

Why we won't miss Keith Vaz

07 September 2016
Socialists have no interest in individuals’ private consensual sexual choices. Indeed if Labour MP Keith Vaz has a wider sexual spectrum than he previously showed in public it is the one nice thing you could say about him.

Tory government wants Thatchers’ cosy corruption to be kept secret indefinitely

26 July 2016
Tory corruption is to be kept secret. Two files entitled “Cementation contract: Mark Thatcher and the Omanis” are listed as being “retained” for 65 years. Two others were “temporarily retained” with no release date.

Cameron's 'fantastically corrupt' claims hypocritical, says Nigerian socialist

17 May 2016
David Cameron’s description of Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt”, on the sidelines of the bosses’ anti-corruption summit in London last week, was extraordinarily hypocritical.

Same cops involved in Orgreave and Hillsborough are named

17 May 2016
The senior police officers and solicitor involved in South Yorkshire Police’s (SYP) response to the Hillsborough disaster and the Battle of Orgreave have been named.

Fury erupts in Iceland over prime minister's Panama Papers tax scandal

05 April 2016
As much as ten percent of Iceland’s population of 330,000 took to the streets on Monday evening, raging against their leaders’ corruption.

Cash and burn - the truth behind the Volkswagen scandal

29 September 2015
Volkswagen have been caught trying to rig emissions tests to make their diesel cars seem “cleaner”. The scandal has exposed how car manufacturers bend and break the rules in the drive for profit. But, as Simon Basketter argues, corruption and con tricks aren’t about bucking the system—they’re part of it

Toshiba fixed figures to play the system

21 July 2015
Multinational corporation Toshiba has been plunged into a huge scandal after it overstated operating profits by about £780 million.

Rotten football system goes further than Sepp Blatter

02 June 2015
The outrage of England and Europe over Fifa corruption is hypocritical, writes Dave Sewell

Scotland Yard to investigate itself over allegations of covering up child abuse

17 March 2015
The Metropolitan Police will investigate itself over allegations of corruption, including that it covered up child abuse involving MPs and police officers.

From the archive: Fake Sheikh’s connections with crooked cops exposed

18 November 2014
With the 'Fake Sheikh' in the news, this article from our 2014 archive is well worth re-visiting

Missing in Mexico

11 November 2014
The kidnap of 43 students in Mexico exposes links between politicians, drugs and imperialism, writes Dave Sewell

Corrupt and racist—but most cops keep their jobs

06 May 2014
Fresh accusations of police racism and corruption in Scotland Yard emerged this week.

Evidence pointing to police corruption 'disappeared' in Daniel Morgan case

08 April 2014
A leaked file reveals a shocking statement from the first inquiry into Daniel Morgan’s murder, reports Simon Basketter

After scandal of police corruption in Lawrence case - Cop corruption kills

11 March 2014
Undercover cops, corrupt links to informants, shredded evidence and a murdered detective add up to a toxic scandal for London’s Met police. Simon Basketter investigates

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