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Fury erupts in Iceland over prime minister's Panama Papers tax scandal

05 April 2016
As much as ten percent of Iceland’s population of 330,000 took to the streets on Monday evening, raging against their leaders’ corruption.

Cash and burn - the truth behind the Volkswagen scandal

29 September 2015
Volkswagen have been caught trying to rig emissions tests to make their diesel cars seem “cleaner”. The scandal has exposed how car manufacturers bend and break the rules in the drive for profit. But, as Simon Basketter argues, corruption and con tricks aren’t about bucking the system—they’re part of it

Toshiba fixed figures to play the system

21 July 2015
Multinational corporation Toshiba has been plunged into a huge scandal after it overstated operating profits by about £780 million.

Rotten football system goes further than Sepp Blatter

02 June 2015
The outrage of England and Europe over Fifa corruption is hypocritical, writes Dave Sewell

Scotland Yard to investigate itself over allegations of covering up child abuse

17 March 2015
The Metropolitan Police will investigate itself over allegations of corruption, including that it covered up child abuse involving MPs and police officers.

From the archive: Fake Sheikh’s connections with crooked cops exposed

18 November 2014
With the 'Fake Sheikh' in the news, this article from our 2014 archive is well worth re-visiting

Missing in Mexico

11 November 2014
The kidnap of 43 students in Mexico exposes links between politicians, drugs and imperialism, writes Dave Sewell

Corrupt and racist—but most cops keep their jobs

06 May 2014
Fresh accusations of police racism and corruption in Scotland Yard emerged this week.

Evidence pointing to police corruption 'disappeared' in Daniel Morgan case

08 April 2014
A leaked file reveals a shocking statement from the first inquiry into Daniel Morgan’s murder, reports Simon Basketter

After scandal of police corruption in Lawrence case - Cop corruption kills

11 March 2014
Undercover cops, corrupt links to informants, shredded evidence and a murdered detective add up to a toxic scandal for London’s Met police. Simon Basketter investigates

Bettison's secret perks worth £70,000

10 September 2013
Troublemaker’s favourite top cop Sir Norman Bettison just can’t stay away. 

Does Clegg care for charities?

10 September 2013
Charities are unhappy that their political campaigning could fall under restrictions for the first time. 

Document will be up for grabs

10 September 2013
Unions with more than 10,000 members will have to submit an annual Membership Audit Certificate to the Certification Officer.

Lobbying: Secret Dinners here to stay

10 September 2013
The one thing the lobbying bill won’t do is put any controls on lobbying. 

Tory bill targets unions, not lobbyists

10 September 2013
The Tories new bill will make it harder for trade unions and campaigning groups to organise—and let lobbyists off the hook, writes Simon Basketter

List names elite clients of hackers and corrupt cops

30 July 2013
Private investigators were able to delete information from police databases, according to the uncensored version of a police report into illegal trade in personal information.

Lobbying scandal - most parliamentary passes are here to stay

23 July 2013
More than 80 people who work for all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) are to lose their parliamentary passes.

Policies for sale? Cameron's in a crisis over lobbying scandal

23 July 2013
David Cameron stepped up plans to privatise the NHS just months after hiring an advisor who had links to private healthcare companies.

Meet the politicians who took cash from bosses

04 June 2013
For once David Cameron was right when he previously claimed lobbying was “the next big scandal waiting to happen”.

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