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Downbanding at Barts NHS trust threatens access to health service

15 April 2014
Workers who provide vital language, cultural and religious services in the NHS in Tower Hamlets, east London are under attack from bosses at Barts Health, Britain’s largest NHS trust.

Privatisation vultures want to charges fees to use NHS

01 April 2014
A think tank funded by private health firms says people should be forced to pay a £10-a-month “membership charge” to use the NHS. The report from think tank Reform also says prescription fees should be higher and that people staying in hospital overnight should pay “hotel charges”.

Tories drain health service, says new report

25 March 2014
The Tories have drained £3 billion out of the NHS, a new report reveals.

Hunt’s plan to close hospital A&Es will cost lives in north west London

05 November 2013
Tory health minister Jeremy Hunt is hell bent on closing even more A&Es. Within days of losing his court battle to close Lewisham Hospital’s A&E in south east London, he confirmed bloody new cuts in north west London last week.

Brighton march against NHS sell-off

05 November 2013
More than 500 people joined the protest

People's inquiries for London's NHS

22 October 2013
The Unite union, along with John Lister, Polly Toynbee and health campaigners, has initiated a series of five “People’s inquiries for London’s NHS”.

New threat to NHS as health bosses say free care is 'unsustainable'

15 October 2013
As health bosses warn that free health care in Britain is ‘unsustainable,’ Judith Orr argues that the government’s drive to privatise the service is the real reason for attacks on the NHS

NHS staff furious at Hunt’s wage blackmail

08 October 2013
Tory minister’s plan to freeze wages and blame health workers for cuts is a ‘massive insult’, says Sarah Ensor

Hospital workers lead battle against cuts at Whipps Cross hospital

24 September 2013
Nurses from Whipps Cross hospital in east London demonstrated against the cuts last Saturday. Around 350 staff and their supporters marched through Leyton and Walthamstow.

It's already winter for hospitals in cuts crisis

24 September 2013
Beds run short and A&Es turn away patients as Tory cuts push the NHS into gridlock, reports Sarah Ensor

Lewisham march to celebrate victory

17 September 2013
Up to 1,000 people marched in south east London last Saturday, celebrating a High Court decision overruling plans to slash services at Lewisham hospital.

Cambridgeshire NHS commissioning group lobbied

10 September 2013
Trade unionists from the PCS, Unison, Unite, GMB and NUT unions, as well as community activists, lobbied an NHS Cambridgeshire CCG meeting last week.

It’s official - the government's to blame for NHS crisis, not workers

13 August 2013
A report into NHS patient safety refused to blame health workers for the crisis of care and demanded the government tackle the chaos their policies have created.

Patients and staff stand up for threatened Stafford Hospital

13 August 2013
Around 1,500 angry health campaigners and health workers challenged plans to cut services at Stafford Hospital at a public meeting last week.

We can't rely on judges or Labour to defend the NHS

06 August 2013
NHS campaigners are delighted at the High Court decision to quash the health secretary’s plan for cuts at Lewisham Hospital.

Campaign halts hospital cuts in Lewisham

06 August 2013
Health secretary Jeremy Hunt was humiliated last week after a judge quashed his plans to slash services at Lewisham Hospital following a mass campaign, reports Sadie Robinson

Yorkshire health workers walk out against cost-cutting

01 August 2013
Health workers in Leeds and Bradford began a two-day strike today, Thursday, over cost-cutting and changes to their work patterns. The walkout follows a one-day strike last month.

'We won!' Campaigners and health workers celebrate Lewisham Hospital court victory

31 July 2013
An elated crowd rallied outside Lewisham Hospital in south east London this evening, Wednesday, to celebrate a court victory against the Tories.

The great NHS sell off

30 July 2013
Tory dreams of dismantling the NHS and replacing it with private healthcare are taking a massive leap forwards.

NHS crisis - blame cuts, not nurses

30 July 2013
The government likes to tell us that nurses don’t care about their patients. This is how it tries and explain away every problem in the NHS.

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